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Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral) aid WHat would you like to do Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place yeh Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page! hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean this is what i have regarding my error handle: Code: # # 1) ordinary text ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 – The node made a boo boo. # n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output # # 2) local redirects ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url # to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page #ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl # N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes. # # 3) external redirects ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 – Messed ” up “, sorry # N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original # request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script. is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error … Continue reading

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New User Problem

Hi Im just getting started in web design and style but im working with a problem when it comes to designing my page im using dreamweaver FIVE and ive manufactured a simply enquiry form with all the panel tools nevertheless i dont determine what i should do to make it send when i press submit. Can easily anyone help us Thankyou Here’s a tutorial on make PHP mail script. You will require a server w/ PHP to produce this work. Or you should utilize FormMail from Matts Scripts (do a google hunt for it since We are to lazy in order to post a link) the following only requires a new cgi-bin and succeeds great for easy forms.

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What are the steps to design a website in 7 days

Howdy guys, this is my own first post and would like to know about: – ONE PARTICULAR. how to style and design a commercial website within One week. Be it operating / business a short time. I’m really grateful to learn if anyone might help me out on this matter. At present, It took a month for me to perform a site. Richard Riveron world wide web. techtouch. com. my (redesign in progress) Howdy Richard, " Design" can mean plenty of things. If it is just a rush job with regard to no money, then templates are ideal. Just plug in the client’s logo and also colors. If it is just a shopping or e-commerce website, subscribe to eBay or maybe Yahoo, or on the list of two zillion " net rings" example: http: //www. t-shirtshopper. com/cgi-bin/show_site. cgisite=coconut_harrys_surf_shop Designing an original website in the ground up won’t happen in One week. Most of some of our clients hem and haw for any month, before we obtain green light to create something. During which interval a idea emerges, with a rough prospect of content and map-reading. Front-end tools ensure it is easy to execute something in the hurry (we under no … Continue reading

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Email server?

Not sure if this is actually the right place in order to post this, but I simply purchased a domain name with the particular intent of using it for email exclusively. I was questioning if anyone could possibly point me to a cheap, fast webhost that provides pop3 Thank you! : Chris What about something like: http: //www. netfirms. com They’re just about $5. 00 per 30 days. and also, http: //www. ipowerweb. com ($7. 00 per month) Those are pretty cheap with no banner ads. Should you be going to pay out $5/month, I recommed an individual 1and1 instead. If you’d like something more global financial: http: //uzipp. com/ 1and1 does not offer much with $5. 00/month. They offer the use of pre-installed CGI scripts, but not the CGI-BIN. No PHP, Zero MySQL, No SSI I’d never join that. uzipp. com looks very good though. Of course you’re right, MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t checked what exactly 1and1 gives to get 5 bucks, as well as it’s almost next to nothing. I signed up for his or her promotion of Three years free hosting that ended at the start of this yr, and it’s superb. 500MB HD living space, … Continue reading

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Newbie having a mare with forms

I have been building a site for my spouse, and on an entire have figured stuff out as I’ve gon along, as yet that is. She wants a questionnaire. As I realize it I want to do two things: A SINGLE. Build the variety as normal (I was using Dreamweaver) puting in certain code that when the button is clicked the item sends the for on the ISP. 3. Upload some extra code towards the CGI-Bin at the particular ISP that shows the server what direction to go with the kind data and in which to send the idea. Are I right and so far The form I have created requires the usual material, Name email address etc. However I have got two drop affordable menus asking the consumer to select a precise option. Is the addition belonging to the drop down selections complicating matters if so just how do i deal with them. Sorry if this appears slightly vague but I will be not sure where I’m suppose to be going with this. Just about any thoughts greatfully been given. Nagger When you say a form on earth do you mean a contact sort of some sort Where by … Continue reading

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