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how much does this file inform the server still attemting to your workplace on making one, so what should this file perform It defines the way the server works, sorta much like the Windows registry. any and also the a file, or would that be an excess of of a safety risk Transfer it to new PHP section Getting some help within the Apache one at this time… jeez looks elaborate. nah, really not much to can w/ php, just wonderin just what the file should… search online for httpd. conf trial and download the item. that may possibly work… It’s the Apache configuration record l think. A variety of goodies in right now there, of course being freeware nobody has been arsed writting worthwhile tutorials about it…. Apache comes by using an httpd. conf with plenty of documentation in this… Geez jello speak about digging up a well used thread! I thought the fact that. conf extension gave away who’s was a configuration file! But Beaker i am talking Americans these….. hey heya hey… none of this… i knew it was a configuration file, but i needed to know what the idea did…

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What is .htaccess?

Fine, so I know it’s accustomed to keep directories secure, but I have no idea much else about it. Can someone plz give me (and one other non-informed) a simple rundown of it It basically shows apache commands to jog on particular websites or files. You can use things like modify server settings, re-write urls, as well as protect files. It’s kind of like a minature httpd. conf for a directory. Dont’ learn much about httpd. conf sometimes, apart from that it’s really a configuration file for some type of security. Have anyone seen any lessons on. htaccess have a shot at http: //www. easyphp. org/faq. php3#15 This is a start, thanks! FIFTEEN – v1. 5 How does someone protec the phpMyAdmin accessibility from visitors Increase a. htaccess file from the phpmyadmin directory getting: Purchase deny, allow allow from 127. 0. 0. 1 not think from all.

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uploading wordpress

hi there… Thanks everyone for your complete help so a long way. Final stage, After WE complete my css edits for you to wordpress, can you convey to me what I should do to allow the entire world to see them What files does someone upload Eveything Where does someone upload it for you to not only that, how do WE view it So should the folder was termed " wordpressA", would I uplod the actual wordpressA folder on the hosting server, and then access it by going to www. abc123. com/wordpressA With thanks.. I’m slowly but surely learning. Yes, that is accurately right. But it really is slightly far more involved than which. You will also need to move your databases files. Update a person’s configuration file, update 2 values inside wp_options database stand. In case you haven’t posted anything on the local server I might strongly suggest installing WordPress with your new server as opposed to transferring it. To install it just set it somewhere on the web host then navigate for the folder. You can get instructions in the particular browser. You can then upload your concept in wp-content/themes and activate it by the control solar panel … Continue reading

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Cannot connect to database

Hi! i apparently have a dilemma installing cakePHP since it cannot connect towards database in my wampserver… i am fairly new to both cake plus wamp, but i am just think problem mite be with my wampserver host php settings mainly because i followed this configurations instructions… you need to assist this new webdesign enthusiast! relation, This one can be really hard for us that will help you with, as we cannot see or work directly in your server and files. Hopefully someone has an idea of where do you start. Sorry, I don’t realize much about WAMP stuff. Whenever reporting something similar to this, give us the exact ERROR. Does it present you with an error program code, or does them just display any white page with only the textual content " cannot connect with database" Particulars please! Sorry 4 late response! below would be the 1st 3 lines with the (welcome) page. look closely at the last tier, thats where mistake is/looks. CakePHP Quick Development Your database configuration file is present. Cake probably won’t be able to connect on the database. Thanx! OKAY, I’ve never made use of CakePHP so maybe someone else can direct anyone further. This … Continue reading

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