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Where do you see the Internet in 10 years?

Having on from one more thread regarding Search engines I thought I’d post this question to receive people to step back and look at the Internet in general rather than that nuts and bolts of producing web pages. What do you imagine the Internet might be like in 10 years How will we all access it How could it be regulated Will the idea become monopolised by a handful of ‘channels’ Say what you believe however ludicrous, will probably be interesting to see how a number of us share common strategies. Personally I think will probably be more like TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. Split into stations or networks exactly who control the content that is certainly available. Obviously it will have space too to get personal sites, a lot like public access TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, but the big boys will probably be where most folks go. We won’t a lot Google for a niche site as visit a channel to discover what’s on. Some sort of cross between magazines, magazines and television set. Yes, I also think that it will have couple of ‘big boys’ covering many information. You have too see exactly how frequently different organizations merge, but you almost … Continue reading

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$$$webdesign and programming$$$

I’m new to that game and not sure of what your costs or hours involved will be in web design and graphics and lisenced users. I’m lookng at creating something like http: //www. ratemyteachers. com/index. jsp. Any one capable of tell me what would be a reasonable price licence plate Cheers Jack. you can contact me at mcghugbigpond. net. au Something like that is usually developed with the owners of as well as. It’s rare in which someone will resource out the design/creation of this site and then control. What would you are doing once someone got for you Enjoy people fill it out What are the results when something destroys You call your guy to have him repair it It would end up being his website but not yours. Something like that would take many hundreds hours to layout and code, and cost you thousands to have done by way of a professional. Someone only starting out and learning your server-side language may take the duty on for a lesser amount of, but then you have the hassle on the rookie trying to try and do a major little league task. Spluf POST get what everyone mean. Heck it … Continue reading

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scrolling time control

Ive posted recently similar question under ‘Photoshop, Flash and also other Graphics’, but Im seeking to work this out without using Flash, hence I really hope it wont possibly be considered double-posting: Possibly there is a code and also something similar We can insert so which the scrolling text would not start to scroll right away, but appears seeing that full text and then after a matter of seconds starts scrolling Your HTML codings is seen at this website: http: //www. relocationenterprises. com/Web2005/index. htm.

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newby wants to stream music – need advice!

I dont have a great deal of web experience bring about im a seem engineer but I’d prefer to create a internet radio place. Before that I need to begin some kind associated with database so clients can submit an online form then upload their music so We can later retrieve, change and broadcast. Ive started considering Dreamweaver and at this point ive lost the will to live on. What would be the best tools for the position If I was to cover someone to build my database and a few simple internet pages, what could I expect to pay for I really need control over written content of pages for a home-based gig guide in order to, is this ambitious or doable with a budget If you may reply, pls try to keep it easy, ta!

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How to control the Length of Indentation especially in TABLE?

Tips on how to control along the indentation especially in a very table See my own example here connected as. bmp… I’d like the word " Hello" from the redline instead of there because it is too far from the border. What’s the code for that other than using spaces or & nbsp; or using picture i have no idea.. please help. THANK YOU, I hope it is possible to tell me. Just simply click the pic below You can use the text-indent CSS building. If you wish to use it about the specific td, you might do this: HTML: < td style=" text-indent 1em; " > Text< /td> Or, needless to say, place it in a stylesheet somewhere.

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sound file on enter and exit

tips on how to have a sound file play every time a visitor enters your blog (but not participate in again if they resume the index) after which it play a sound every time they leave the web page, either by final the browser or about to a different web-site altogether. I want in which last exit sound to work on every one of the pages so that when they navigate away, it will play. the welcome sound i simply need to play on the index but is not play again when they resume the index; put simply, for each unique time construct y visit the site the welcome appear plays, but will not really play again if they return to the home page/index. just about any ideas not an experienced on sound and you need some control over what on earth is happening, so " you" are gonna have to add some scripting langauge… IE you need to know that you have already been to that page but not play the audio. EG in php you’d set a varied and pass them between pages for you to indicate that it was already viewed. It may be possible, but he … Continue reading

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Control Users Window

Hi I’ve a gallery beautifully made with thumbnails in the most common manner. When an individual ‘clicks’ a thumbnail a brand new page opens considering the image at it’s full size. I currently open the fresh window and center it on the page concurrently as making it has the size fit the image exactly. What I’d like to know is if this is certainly bad practice. I am aware that most people hate pop-up windows appearing edited in particular ways i. electronic auto maximised. However I feel in my example its accetpable. What don’t you think Any comments could be appreciated. For accessibility, best practise is usually to have the pop-up top left of the screen as the user will normally go through left to right, top to base. Someone with poor eyesight would possibly not notice the pop-up if it suddenly appears from the center when they may be expecting it top left. Some users adjust the text size for their browser, and then raise the window size if it doesn’t fit. Make sure your current window will in good shape the contents in the event the text size is increased, or allow users to modify the window dimension. … Continue reading

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Starting small webdesign business – Hosting?

Hello, Im going get started on a (very) small web development business by by myself. Just making small sites if you are I know, primarily getting customers through past customers. I was wondering what I must do about hosting that sites. Should I buy my own ring space and put every one of the sites on that, or should I just now help them create a domain and also host and permit them pay the $5 a month themselfs I is likely to have my private space anyway, but what goes on when I look at college and halt making sites Im in senior high school now, just attempting to make a little money working for myself, work my own , personal hours, etc. Ive made just one site so significantly, but the guy I made it for told quite a few friends and Concerning 3 people lined up for webpages. Hosting in my opinion is just yet another potential problem. Its very hard to compete along with existing hosting corporations for price and its not really worth the time you put in it. I offer advice what is the right hosting firms will be good/bad, i was and perhaps … Continue reading

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svn question

We live switching to the SVN (Subversion) variant control system at the job: we have our own local working duplicates, and the live server is definitely another working copy in the same repository. It works great, but there’s a problem that caused an enormous stir about weekly ago that pretty much caused an apocalypse. That scenario: Somebody edits a file to the live server without under-going SVN (i. e., they FTP it or something). Somebody employs the right workflow in addition to edits the document on his community working copy and commits it. Yet another person runs on your live server to help update the file towards latest in your repository. What occurs is, instead in the update failing because of the two files come in conflict, SVN will take it upon by itself to just merge the 2 main files and create a diff of the effect. That’s all good and good, but most are PHP files over a live site, so the merge actually results in syntax errors in the file. The only fast solution is to delete the actual working copy’s file and redo that update, which just gives the version in the repository back with. So, … Continue reading

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Is it possible to control the order in which items on my page load?

Concept basically says all of it. I need the background upon my site for you to load first. Is this possible The following is a link: Chrysalismusic. net/tour. html document You missed a in your URI, try Chrysalismusic. net/tour. html document Well you would need to preload the graphic. Use CSS as well as JavaScript. http: //www. ilovejackdaniels. com/css/preloading-images-with-css/ You are using < table> verts… so Together with IE, nothing is displayed until that < table> can be loaded. So that you could break down things into small tables. That would gain some control with the loading. Obviously, CSS would be the right way for the site layout. This background image is definitely huge… so almost no to do there except break it suitable few images assemble. The opaque thing one does on that background image can be accomplished with CSS… which makes it unnecessary to vary that background photograph.

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