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Need some inspiration…

WHEN I looked around for those sites, like with www. guistuff. com which set it up some good tips… but I still think I want more. I’ve gotten well in to the graphics side of the design of the site, but after searching, I’m thinking maybe I want something different. Will there be a webpage this basically has back links to very well-designed web sites, that can be used as inspiration I understand of the " how’s my site" forum below, but not each of them is the greatest websites. Many thanks I have obtained some links to sites that are fitted with a collection of sites based on categories. If going tohttp: //www. johnnunemaker. com/links/ I possess design resources at the bottom. I don’t find out if they will let you but I just like them. also you can check www. cssvault. com i’m a little in the same boat because you as well… i’m designing a niche site for a multisport center within the region. post started it… produced a design… appreciated it then, detest it now: cross-eyed: ever since they gave us content, it doesn’t apparently fit the authentic design Ahhhh trying to design the twinkie befor … Continue reading

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I’m New And Looking For Advice…

Howdy Everyone, I want to create good quality website for average joe (preferably flash), but I’m only starting out so I was hoping that an individual could offer way up some advice using a good starting point (a good route to approach this, good books, useful data, tutorials, etc. ). I have a new photography degree so Relating to a good tackle on design in addition to understanding most with the staple graphics packages (photoshop, illustrator, a certain amount of flash, etc. )… in the event that helps. I’d really treasure any guidance you can give. Thanks earlier! If you’re only starting out, don’t use Pen. That’s the best advice Allow me to give. If you’re only starting out, you won’t have the ability to make a level of quality Flash site. You’ll want to learn quality site design when using the basic design resources – (X)HTML, CSS, and maybe several JavaScript – before you decide to get into the particular " bells in addition to whistles" stuff. You will discover an (X)HTML ebook anywhere, or you can learn it on the net from here: http: //www. w3schools. com/ html is definetly your best bet as mentioned previously also you … Continue reading

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