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Public Policy or TOS or both?

Which will be appropriate for a company website THE, (Terms of Service), and also And which do you know of on YOUR internet site I think this will depend on the nature of the business, and what you’re looking to say with this document. However, the TOS sounds extra professional than " Arrest Policy". What information thinking of delivering that you want to describe Terms of Service applies to services that readers use (such since forums or alternative tools). Privacy Policy applies to information that visitors submit for your requirements (such as speak to info or such). Copyright Notice is usually an explanation of which elements in the site are copyrighted by your business. Public Policy just isn’t really a common legal term.

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Need some help.

I’ve a problem, I want to be able to have news with my front page, but I don’t wish to have to format and also archive it personally. I also want to be able to use my MICROSOFT frontpage shared borders about it. Anyone have any ideas (An example of what I want are available here. Ook, a person’s link crashed my personal browser, and My browsers, including this download. For not doing it manually….. I’m guessing an individual mean by certainly not actually typing the html for every news post, and moving this older news on the archive. The fastest way I can think about doing this is thru PHP or even perl, or an additional server-side language. And either integrate that has a forum (the main forum softwares have newsportals, which cause it to way easier), but in case you dont need a forum with your site, this isnt needed. You could check into phpnuke, or something along those lines in case you dont want to be able to code the backend oneself. In any other case, have a means of inputting the media post, and have code store it in a flatfile(txt doc), or within a database. … Continue reading

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layout with overlapping images

I’m doing a website to showcase and promote the art of one Fred Huddleston, waterpainter extraordinaire. He’s a far greater artist than I am a web custom, but I figure only bust my powering, I can fool him into wondering otherwise. Acceptable, so here’s the actual layout. Not knowing whatever about hot destinations (other than getting heard the term) or any possible approaches, my first instinct will be to have maybe your 4 x 3 table plus some tables within the tables to acquire the overlaps. (The key sticking point, certainly, is the overlays. Although I would like it to work perfectly where actually clicking the little bit that’s overlaying other image still takes to the proper impression, I am ready to abandon that that the download gets too big for dial-up. ) Any alternative ideas on the way to approach this Alternatively you can use the slice application in Photoshop or maybe the hotspot program in Fireworks. They’ll also yield an image map available for you. I have (don’t laugh) Photoshop Elements and Dreamweaver just. That would be nice plainly could get them to undertake it for myself, thanks. I believe elements has that slice tool aswell, discover a … Continue reading

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Go-Live(6.0) VS DreamWeaver(MX)

What one is better and why Are you ready for ups and downs of each and bugs. What improvements need to be made for each one. I couldn’t touch upon Go-Live – MY PARTNER AND I doubt many people can but Dreamweaver is cool. What would be really cool for Dreamweaver is definitely if it had a server built in so when you went into preview mode or looked at the site you can use the server edge code. I always used go-live since that time cyber studio. i just started using dreamweaver. I use fireworks considerably so im getting your hands on dreamweaver fast. Im having difficulty controlling iframes along with editing tables within dreamweaver. Anyone in addition have problems with dreamweaver. Bugs, elements macromedia should fix Many thanks JR Brian strange enough i thought it was just me who was getting the problems with conference tables using dreamweaver.. POST found myself handcoding that tables.. unlike when i first started designing i used to be using frontpage in addition to frontpage had some sort of table eraser. that you could use to erase certain lines. POST miss that attribute since i dont apply frontpage anymore.. other then that dreamweaver … Continue reading

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ideas for a subject

Hey there, I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is. In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements! Li Brad well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no … Continue reading

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wild spacing with browser enlargement

Howdy. I was hoping to learn how sites " freeze" its font sizing by not allowing your browser to increase the size of font text. I have noticed inside site I was currently designing that some of the layouts go quite bad with enlarging. We have also noticed of which on other sites while you attmept to enhance the font, this doesn’t happen. will anyone know this kind of trick site showcased: www. beauplexa. com / world wide web. tattoo-off. com thanks earlier. Olivia Cascading style sheets…. < style> p font-size: 20px; < /style> < p> this can be my text< /p> Sean Many thanks!! I can discover it will do just as well, one more q unless you mind terribly, do I really need to set that up before every font sizing change I believe i know the result, but I want to make sure- once more, thank you a great deal. No, you’d normally either code it in to the page using the actual < style> tag as above, or save that to an external file and then put < website rel=" stylesheet" href=" filename. css" type=" text/css" /> in the top of each and every page. In … Continue reading

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Forum Layout

Hi everyone I need help on brussels. I am in the act of writing a forum script, but one problem My business is facing constantlly is easy methods to display so a lot information without cluttering in place the interface. For instance, take a typical post on WDF (or almost every other typical forum). This contains the the actual poster’s alias, avatar, lots of solutions (edit, view account, etc), and even more. Now multiply that per post in this thread, and you get lots of info to screen… But WDF’s design is just not messy. Some forums are messy though. So I have two questions: What elements does one like/dislike seeing in forums What the heck is your favourite design for these factors To present you something I considered: do you just like the poster’s alias above the post so they can its left (like about WDF) Almost every other comments, like smiley help, HTML support, and so on are welcome! Significantly appreciated. I believe, I wouldn’t develop the forums centered inside window or develop the users information who’s posting the reply or starting your thread above that text, I’d have this forums left aligned as well as auto stretch … Continue reading

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XML question

Hey I’m posting here for once with a problem regarding an XML definition i need for a college course. Generally, i just needed a specific definition for what " well made document" is with regards to XML syntax. Easily need to small my question down any, then merely say so. And also, just link my home to EarthwormJim’s line.: cheeky: Handful of pointers from online world. w3schools. com which tell you what should be done to produce a document well-formed: – XML elements have to be properly nested – All XML documents need to have a root element – Attribute values should always be quoted – Tag names have to be in lowercase – All XML elements have to be closed Reviews and corrections welcome XML element could be closed on the same line: Code: < feature /> Well formed doesn’t mean legible. Data structures spanning 2 heirarchical levels own issues: Code: < stuff> < home> < kitchen> < cell phone /> < /kitchen> < /home> < car> < cell phone /> < /car> < /stuff> Phone presents some an issue. you two from the same class http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thread11252. html code ASCII have to be specified with entities; … Continue reading

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1024×768 and 800×600 question

WE made my initial site… just starting to read this stuff! The deal is while i view it applying 1024×768 it seems to be great…. but merely switch to 800×600 it has the terrible! Everything is huge and you must scroll forever to check out things. I used fireworks to try and do the graphics and dreamweaver that will put it together…… anything I could do to ensure it is look good in both resolutions Furthermore… if I’m designing my site applying fireworks then slicing it as long as export to dreamweaver… just what exactly good canvas size align it to formerly Thanks for every help or source! Design it to ensure the site is not bigger than related to 769 pixels, to ensure it fits in every resolutions, or nonetheless, you could create a ‘liquid’ design. In case you make your web-site 780 pixels extensive, it will cover bulk of the screen with 800×600, and still look great on larger file sizes. Most likely your site is too vast and thats the condition. You’ll need to produce it narrower. Another angle taking when designing sites would be to make them 100% thicker, but that can get confusing sometimes. Everyone. … Continue reading

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Form on a Picture in Dreamweaver?

I’m wondering if you possibly can put a " Phone Us" form using a picture in Dreamweaver. Might that be carried out with layers or something The picture will be just a shape exported from Fireworks and one among the picture is actually here. http: //friedrichsenfamily. com/samjana. htm Disregard the stuff inside frame presently. I’m just wondering if this is do-able I understand I could do away with the picture and place the form on that page alone, but I got trying to maintain same look on each of the pages. Could you individuals tell me what exactly I’m missing plus maybe point me inside right direction Thanks Much, Joe You want the picture as a background for the shape You could established the image as being a background in 1 table, then insert the form over top indoors that table. Likewise, you can use CSS for making the elements belonging to the form (input box etc) to own a background photograph, much like this forum does. Li Brad CSS is probably the best way to do the item. < mode name=" foo" action=" foo" method=" foo" style=" background-image: url(" pathtoimage/foo. jpeg" )" > Thanks Guys, I’m in a region … Continue reading

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