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Please help me decide…

Can someone please help me I’m enthusiastic about getting the products of 101mediapro… but i rarely know anything about the internet. A friend just simply helped me enter this forum. On earth do you guys tell me what you imagine of the firm thanks. The site address is internet. 101mediapro. com. Is relating to website design or web hosting services Alright nevermind. Checked these people out, they’re web design. Well they resemble a small provider, but their operate is exceptional. Just ensure that you don’t wind up with a cookie-cutter template. You could probably get a really nice style for not too much money (under $1000) from their store I’d accept most of of which assessment. I don’t know if you have access to them to do a website for under $1000 UNITED STATES DOLLAR though (especially if they need to promote it in search engines like google and use some kind of paid inclusion services). They do not look like they need a lot occurring in their portfolio (although they are doing have a several sites that required some heavy time period and effort) so that they may look to compensate to the at the expense of this wallet. … Continue reading

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New to this

Hi there People, I are playing around with web site design for about annually now, learnt one or two basics. But now I’d like to see to develop my personal skills and eventually transform into a job, I have not too long ago been using ms frontpage 2002. I likewise have a copy connected with studio mx, I’m after general suggestions really, where is the best place to start, and what is the best package to use, Any help will be muchly appreciated. I’m not likely an expert, but in case you have Studio MX – discomfort all the Macromedia MX programs right to get Graphics. to get Web designing. Should you not know anything regarding Coldfusion, which I don’t then one of the best bet is in order to strat of and learn how to use Dreamweaver correctly, and then maybe progress onto Colfusion A SINGLE. 6 when you happen to be more advanced. Simply a suggestions. Fireworks is wonderful for designing sites, it’s a good program to start off with, although Photoshop is considerably more powerful and is more or less the industry normal. Search the online for Fireworks series, and you can learn a lot of the … Continue reading

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Hosting Comparison

Hello I want to know whether there are actually any sites that compare the prices/services involving hosts for sites, or even whether this great site does it. I want to find quite a few objective advice on providers that could cater for web sites for small in addition to medium-sized companies. Not passing that, if anyone can give me a basic concept of what one would expect to pay or receive for the comprehensive web internet site service, I’d make use of that for contrast. If anyone may help, I’d be head over heels. Thanks Sam there are many hosting reviews sites on the market — but will they provide you with a good assessment -maybe not —- you certainly will pay anywhere by 10. 00 or over for premium web hosting. anything below 12. 00 i wouldnt advocate personally.. it like picking netzero over MSN the internet.. you can look at a hosting company and find out if they fit your requirements… Does anyone have any certain hosting site review urls I would like to know fine place to start Thanks for that, GeminiISP Sam Wow.. well, this is difficult to do, since most of the sites that examine … Continue reading

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ideas for a subject

Hey there, I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is. In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements! Li Brad well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no … Continue reading

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Contact Form.

anyone use a contact form like this: http: //www. insidethepixel. com/contact. php Why don’t you make your own Are you aware PHP It is quite easy to create one with PHP, in order for you check out course at http: //www. hotscripts. com/PHP/Tips_and_Tutorials/Form_Processing/index. html Good luck! Li Brad Here i will discuss a tut Filburt had written: www. webdesignforums. net/thread4446. code thanks spluf. let me try to understand this to work at my site. alright, i did it. and it doesnt perform: \ – http: //www. blind-fate. com/v1/index. phpview=contact I can’t find an error, is the problem just that you simply don’t recieve the email I not able to see PHP code by viewing the source, and everything looks ok to my opinion. yea, i dont find the email. One problem could possibly be that the send is being categorised as spam a result of email address the actual server is using because the " sent from" address, and your device is blocking your email. You can check this by having the email provided for another email consideration of yours, or just apply the fix now. In the actual mail command, create: Code: " Coming from: emailfromyourdomain. com/email"; I assume … Continue reading

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Web usability survey – help make the web a better place!

Hello guys… You want some help – We are doing a study on webdesign usability to get my directed analysis at school. We’ve made an on the web survey and need as much people as probable to fill this in! It is SOMETHING LIKE 20 questions long along with should take regarding 2 mins to add… heres the hyperlink! http: //home. sandiego. edu/pager/usabilitysurvey. html Thanks significantly! Prosperous Page many done. Good luck with all your project. done best of luck I’ve completed the site. Hope your project comes on okay. Completed. Good luck on the project. Completed I’m done too. We’ve two suggestions, then again: 1) #5 in addition to #17 really depend one particular and the subject matter of it, and the option wasn’t there to become picked. 2) You should have some sort of privacy policy merely so people know you aren’t selling the information. I know you’re not since it’s just a San Diego university project page, but people are certainly not always as aware as My organization is. Good luck to you although! Make sure your teacher provides an A or even I’ll beat him/her which has a wet fettucine noodle. MANY FINISHED!! Good beginners luck … Continue reading

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starting out and need some help…

Hi All it is my first publish here and With regards to you all might help me. I am looking for ways to my own server adjusted right now thus this will take some time. On this server I begin having a website site/ forum with regard to European cars and my very own personal site intended for my auto designs. First on the particular euro car site I will be putting information regarding all euro cars similar to how yahoo is focused up. And subsequently a forum for instance vdubaddiction. com separated by make/ product. In terms of my other site I begin running Ive already been having problems finding good layouts in addition to coloring. Any help are going to be killer. Thanks many The easiest way to get tips on these forums is always to ask specific queries. This is a huge task to take on, especially if you are not very web adept. Read some host reviews inside our Hosting Reviews segment. After you obtain some hosting, you will have to design your website. Hopefully you are aware of photoshop, or one more graphics application. If you would like make this web page large and energetic, … Continue reading

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Site ideas

Relating to huge ambition for your website, i absolutely sex them. But relating to become stuck regarding ideas. I am only 14 and so have no business or everything to make a site for but thought about want something i’ll get stuck in (i get diverted easily). Virtually any ideas The 1st website I made, about three issue, when I had been just 12 appeared to be a fan-site regarding my favourite COMPUTER game, Transport Tycoon. Do you know of a favourite Game, or perhaps people adore a Tv show Just something that could enable yu for you to hone your knowledge. What you need to try and do is to seek out a niche on the web (though they are very nearly impossible to find. Good luck. Thank you, ill keep that in mind That’s okay. I always needed a few ideas from others in the first place. You can a website on something which you find very interesting. I’m into anime, therefore I made an anime website. Try selecting something you would enjoy working away at. I don’t exactly determine what types of elements you’re into, so Make can’t make almost any suggestions. I are aware that you’re … Continue reading

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Font Help

Hello, I downloaded some great fonts, which I hoped to apply on my site– while I have noticed the site from by myself computer, it offers looked fine. Then again, when I looked at the page by my college desktops, the font changed towards the default browser font. I’m guessing this is certainly something related to uploading the info for any font or something such as that, but my personal computer knwoledge is usually limited. Any aid in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Technical info: Now i am using: Terrapin FTP Browser NTL 55MG Webspace Frontpage XP along with the specific font involved is " AirCut" coming from 1001 free fonts Good luck, Bill. In order for ones college computers to see the site like your house computer they need to have the similar fonts installed. Typically this is why web pages are limited to the employment of a small standard boring collection… Verdana/Arial/Helvetica/Tahoma/Times/Georgia and so forth. If the font is only used for your header or certain titles you then can place it from a graphic and will probably be the same wherever get it. If however it’s using them for written content you have to look towards … Continue reading

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PrairieHost Design Contest! 100MB/1500MB Free hosting account!

Many of us at PrairieHost. net are very pleased to announce our talent competition to uncover up and arriving designers for each of our future projects! This contest will ending September 1st. The form should look specialist and be absolutely original. The design should take not than 15 minutes to load upon 56k dialup along with should contain simply no Flash nor DHTML (Javascript is permissible). Upon completion belonging to the template, it should possibly be sliced and in some measure coded (the rule does not must be perfect). First prize might be a 100 MB / A SINGLE. 5 GB hosting are the cause of 1 year. For all runnerups that we decide on, we will give a 50 MB / 750MB hosting be the reason for one year. Good luck to every body and if you could have any questions look free to PM my family! Do you desire site designs as well as can we design things like, logos, for case in point Hah, the buying price of your " prize" equals a lot less than 20$. Here for the kind of money you obtain: 2 Gb space endless traffic endless mail boxes endless databases endless subdomains … Continue reading

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