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how much does this file inform the server still attemting to your workplace on making one, so what should this file perform It defines the way the server works, sorta much like the Windows registry. any and also the a file, or would that be an excess of of a safety risk Transfer it to new PHP section Getting some help within the Apache one at this time… jeez looks elaborate. nah, really not much to can w/ php, just wonderin just what the file should… search online for httpd. conf trial and download the item. that may possibly work… It’s the Apache configuration record l think. A variety of goodies in right now there, of course being freeware nobody has been arsed writting worthwhile tutorials about it…. Apache comes by using an httpd. conf with plenty of documentation in this… Geez jello speak about digging up a well used thread! I thought the fact that. conf extension gave away who’s was a configuration file! But Beaker i am talking Americans these….. hey heya hey… none of this… i knew it was a configuration file, but i needed to know what the idea did…

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Setting up vBulletin forums

Internet marketing running an Apache Node on W2K, what else must i need to create vBulletin forums http: //www. php. net/ http: //www. mysql. com/ A legal license. The h4x0red type not only is frequently out of time frame, but denies you entry to other goodies which a paid license makes you, including PSDs on the buttons and having access to the vB help forums, as well as usage of all hacks. Well worth the $85 IMHO Are you aware of any free W2K as well as Apache (for W2K) Community forums, I hopefully can be easy to create I located one!! I as well got it functioning, even though it was a ***** to setup,, b/c they din’t tell easy methods to set it up in the least. It also appears vaguilly familiar to the. http: //www. phpbb. com/ Here is my site check it out! Http: //fitz. fd-soft. com/forum Next best thing to a paid vBulletin: Losing Board v1. YOU. 1 Comprehend it at www. woltlab. de British hacking site from www. wbbmods. com Everyone getting that little bit of crap set in place though.

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SEO a flash website

it is possible to best way to make this happen.. use javascript for you to display it adobe flash =! seo Fundamentally. The usual alternative they certainly is provide some sort of non-flash version of this site (which is truly a good idea, the flash is absolutely necessary). Of training course, no flash whatsoever might be much better. There are wide ranging problems. For case, each page of an HTML site may be optimized around an alternative keyword. Search applications, even if these people index a flash file, see it mutually big page — with one list of keywords. Try a hybrid site, split off the particular text into HTML CODE and add the particular Flash via a new javascript technique. Those who have javascript not power on or no flash player see a pleasant looking site. People that have the extras see the extras. Certainly, progressive enhancement is a best path inside any situation. Your site should be in (X)HTML+CSS. Javascript and Flash needs to be optional. (Says whomever whose current job revolves around creating a Javascript-based webapp ) Google Unobtrusive Flash Objects – a progressive technique for accomplishing this finish. But it really does still mean plenty of … Continue reading

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Name ideas?

building a type of cms. more of your framework website with all the current goodies built in along with a simple dashboard for novice to exp. the name my spouse and i thought was original trouble to have been used and tossed. so i have some name strategies. anybody Not clear – is that this a name for your theme or some sort of software program. web based, highly expandable (by mod not module) method of cms. written for css3/html5/php5. c’mon. actually. no ideas simply a crumb even nearing completion of the " i will not know" cause it doesn’t have a title. Had some excellent ones – Googled these folks and apparently I’m not the initial to think associated with ‘em > jolt! < =-O But I’m still thinkin’ at it…. lol. thx feminine. i thought phrameworks was clever but is not only has that been used, it’s already been discarded. Xpansion CMS… since it’s expandable. SiteWerx, SiteFrame, SiteMan (my daughter thinks this is too sexist,: have a good laugh, SiteGuru, Frame Guru, Frame4You, InSite, SmartSite….. Simply just curious, if easy methods to discarded & you probably like it, why don’t you use it regardless He means someone owns … Continue reading

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