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Hi, how is my Flash work

Hello there, look at and let us know ur comments, sorry i do works as new trends, so u need 17" monitor or change quality to 1024 by 768, with more rapidly processor, Flash mx extension and sound, as well as is www. cmxd. com, thanks before hand. its a lttle bit laggy…. the frame rate is rather choppy, and I possess a good computer…. " Fair". I’d give the item a fair for two reasons. 1. possibly not yet optimized, as Rufus stated. 2. the dependence on a 17" monitor, sorta kills the thought of flash being most scaleable and goods. regards. No lag below, but the resolution can be a problem. Also is something ever purported to load or does it perpetually display just the animation Nice but I at ease with the mouse looking effect. I didn’t really think the mouse issue added much both. And I imagine your flash button is just not working so I couldn’t end up in the high bandwidth website. Nice though… I merely noticed the computer mouse thing myself. Wipe out it instantly, it is really considered extremely novice I found the item very choppy too. I also determined the background … Continue reading

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Recipient email concealment

Hello there guys, Concerning a twofold query. In Outlook express when will i conceal my recipients emaill details, and how will i traget specific e mail extensions, just when. news,. gov, and many others… (Plz see attachment) Guide greatly appreciated. You possibly can hide you recipient’s e-mail address by putting them in the BCC: field besides the To: as well as CC: field. Don’t discover how to do that last thing though. Regards m8 Forwhat would you require this data for and if you add the message headers shown inside the attachment I might be capable of tell you just what exactly went on.

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webmail script

hello i dont know if it is possible or if it is if getting done for free of charge but i wish to have my friends have the ability to use my website name as an e-mail levels through webmail nevertheless i dont wish to accomplish it to where i can sign them ” up ” through my manipulate panel cause subsequently theyll be like hey you understand my pass in addition to stuff so will there be anyone out there which may like write in place a script or maybe something to where they are able to register for a great acount through my own domain site without where need to do it thorugh the particular control panel. thanks If you have the domain, it truly is just about impossible to go without you figuring out their password. To help answer your issue, I believe there are still services out there that do that, but they most cost money. not sure if this may work but make use of microsoft netmeeting, firewood into your control panel, then get in the add e-mail site then let these folks control your desktop helping put their own password within. That might do … Continue reading

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Logs and Stats

Hello Just looking at my webstats as well as noticed that I’ve been getting hits from countries I had not been expecting. How accurate is that this information i. electronic. is that hit really from Finland. We’d be more self-assured if there wasn’t a big percentage of unresolved/unknown nations. Im using Webalizer that will analyse the firelogs. We’d really appreciate any advice you’ll be able to give as it will impress my boss while i tell him were prohibited getting hits via. For you information the site is for my church this is why hits from Finland are slightly unusual. id say they’re just pretty accurate.. i do believe they get the data from the regional settings on the users PC yet im not several. It depends for the ISP mostly. They’re usually very accurate, but ISPs like AOL usually throw them down. According to a lot of stats packages, almost all AOL users will be from West Va. If it affirms your user is admittedly from Finland (or a country outside the US), that’d become pretty accurate, since most countries without using the US have their own TLDs and they usually get reflected for their ISPs.

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WDF: dynamic to static?

Hello all – I’ve noticed that some WDF threads are arriving in Google with all the following format: online world. webdesignforums. net/threadid4331session. code I would like to ask (if I may) how this has become achieved – ie, may be the actual vB coding modified due to this, or (more likely) are these claims from using mod_rewrite about the actual server to be able to modify the URLs If you do, is there anywhere I can find more details on performing this My forums are instead being well indexed, but dynamic pages as static pages appears to help you more with participating backlinks – which serves as a particular selling point for smaller forums attempting to attract newer customers. Is this something that could be discussed here . htaccess applying mod_rewrite. There are wide ranging hacks I learn for invisionboard, and I’d imagine there is some for vB to be able to. It’s a genuinely simple thing really… Unfortunately, not really for myself… I was simply curious concerning using something related on my vB THREE. Would anyone be considering discussing more about how precisely it was performed for WDF Or can i leave the situation alone – specifically in public … Continue reading

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Virtual StoreFront Software

Hello All! I’d like to know if any associated with you Designers/Programmers on the market can recommend me a great program for E-Commerce programming I’m considering knowing what is available out on the internet to available Web developers to design a very nice Store Prominent for businesses and also individuals. Also, do you have any good sites that host great E-Commerce sites apart from store. yahoo. com (too high priced with yahoo) that is certainly easy and not dang expensive to figure use I’ve witnessed www. mals-e. com which looks like it’s really good. What on earth do you all think to sort it out Hope to perceive back from everyone all! Designerbabe32 Very well.. I guess very little replies means there’s no-one to help me away here. Can anyone inform me what program languages utilized for scripting E-Commerce sites Thanks! Designerbabe32 Have a look at http: //www. oscommerce. com Certainly not used it me, but others upon here speak very of it. Thanks Transio for the link. I’ll look into it. Have a pleasant day! Designerbabe32.

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Selling Templates?

Hello, I am interested in a good place selling website templates, We’ve googled but My organization is only coming across sites who have no users or almost no. I just want a place to sell my personal templates. Thanks for just about any help in improvement www. websitewarehouse. contest. net. au offer templates. im confused how well they may be doing though.. online world. monstertemplate. com, I think there’s a chance you’re able to sell off through them… monstertemplate. com can be buying new fabric. drop them the line. You could start to right here… Actually I’m definitely not in any position to talk about so, but I was going to suggest this plan to filburt in order for webdesignforums. net to produce money. Of training course webdesignforums. net would take a percentage of the profits from any sales of your respective templates. Not simply could WDF. net be a gathering place pertaining to independent template designers to sell there stuff, however WDF. net could design and style and sell their own templates. Who knows where this tends to go…… just a thought. I dont think this is where Filburt wants to travel with WDF. The non-profit product has worked … Continue reading

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Creating A Searchable User Submitted Database. Newb.

Hello Everybody! (Hi Medical professional. Nick!! ) Well since you can tell by our post count We are a newb. Our Question (My Goal) I would really like to build a website for a small business I am starting up. I would like my a way to have a database that is certainly built by consumer submitions and searchable influenced by particular pieces with the database. I am undecided where to concentration my learning about what database fashion, or how to even start. This is certainly one of what I am endeavoring to do. (Excuse me basically am really harmful at explaining this) Instance: Human being A: Selling an auto. Car is SEVERAL Door, RED, Automatic Human being B: Selling an auto. Car is SEVERAL Door, RED, Manual Human being C: Looking to get a car. Interested in 4 Door, Not any Color Pref, Manual Human being C (Buyer) will get results of Human being B (Seller) I guess in ways its kind of like eBay. The content is actually created and utilized by the users (Sellers and Buyers) We are unsure where do you start looking for my personal answers. While some of you my point out " go … Continue reading

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NavBar problems

Hello I’m setting up a page for my personal new business, in case u could contact it that. Anyway i sound like having a problem that has a navbar i built in Fireworks. Seems like fine but after per minute or so the buttons within the drop down food selection stop displaying appropriately. If anyone can help i’d really appreciate it. Here’s the url. http: //www. itcyorks. com Seems to figureout fine for us. Dam them man, screwy factor. anyone else Would it be because i develop the original thing on my hard drive i jus wanna be certain it works 5 evry1. Bless you though D Performs fine in opera! Regards Try fixing your Internet cache. Might clear the situation. No even now messed up, your marble texture’s generally there for like EIGHT seconds, then the gone and its just flat colour.

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