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Preventing access to site directories..

Truly seen this, by testing it myself, on some websites. That is the right way to prevent viewers in addition to guests from about to a directory, like http: //www. yoursite. com/images/, and getting of which basic HTML number page that allows you to browse throught he / she files. I need it it gives a awesome " access denied" site instead I think this is done inside cpanel or anything, just not convinced where… Decide to put an index. html file within the directory. Users are certain to get that page besides seeing the service structure. They will however be capable to directly browse into the images (if many people know the names). Employ. htaccess instead… … provided you’ve got a host that can handle it (i. at the., not a n00b free one). Nicely, n00b hosts might go kiss: banana: ‘s ass. Grr… WHEN I hate n00bs, specially n00b hosts and also n00b scripters… Put this from a. htaccess file throughout whatever directory you’re looking for this to impact: Code: Options -Indexes This spins off auto-indexing, that (apparently) is with by default during your host.. htaccess rules inherit so if you put this with your root HTML directory … Continue reading

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Password-protect my whole site.

I want to password-protect the whole site. I’ve got CPanel nonetheless it won’t allow to do the / (public_html) seeing that password-protected. How do you do that: vintage: The best technique I’ve found is to use a mix of a single server-side include along with a session variable, i always tie into the unique identifier on the database. The pseudo-code would be something like this kind of: – Site determines session variable to check out if user can be logged in. – in the event user is logged with, he/she can log onto the site – if user is not logged in, he/she is redirected into a login page – if customer attempts to sign in and match is found in database, unique identifier is retrieved and composed to session variable Certainly, the exact syntax will depend on your programming dialect, but you have the idea. Uhm yes! But i’m not thinking about doing a entire PHP programming just for this. Can’t this be done which has a single. htaccess report i have got never used the. htaccess file but i assume it could, and there may be a tool above each of the forums to produce one. yep saw … Continue reading

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An Idea For Securing your code

Hello everyone, I’m the latest guy here. Merely joined up this evening. I see that most of you are obtaining some real challenges keeping your internet sites secure. Just wished to make a idea. There is a script available identified as Code-Warden. It uses php along with your. htaccess file in your server to limit your code from being viewed simply by pesky thieves. http: //www. codewarden. com Transio, My organization is truly sorry to hear that you have been tricked. I checked out your website when I had been still lurking inside the forums, and I thought ?t had been FANTASTIC! There are ways to guard yourself, and make them at least slightly harder for those people *(& %# that think they’re so slick to grab you off. Granted nothing today is 100% risk-free. But trust me, I sent the code due to this to a good friend of mine, and he said for the effort that it took to hack the actual code, it might have been just as simple to design out of Scratch, lol! Unfortunately I have not yet found a totally free way to develop the identical effect that this kind of script has… but … Continue reading

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What is .htaccess?

Fine, so I know it’s accustomed to keep directories secure, but I have no idea much else about it. Can someone plz give me (and one other non-informed) a simple rundown of it It basically shows apache commands to jog on particular websites or files. You can use things like modify server settings, re-write urls, as well as protect files. It’s kind of like a minature httpd. conf for a directory. Dont’ learn much about httpd. conf sometimes, apart from that it’s really a configuration file for some type of security. Have anyone seen any lessons on. htaccess have a shot at http: //www. easyphp. org/faq. php3#15 This is a start, thanks! FIFTEEN – v1. 5 How does someone protec the phpMyAdmin accessibility from visitors Increase a. htaccess file from the phpmyadmin directory getting: Purchase deny, allow allow from 127. 0. 0. 1 not think from all.

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need help with major problem!

O . k. This is this first post within this wonderful forum in fact it is a big one. Please try to help you me out.: common: I’m pretty much any beginner in web page design. I know HTML PAGE pretty well for my few minutes learning it. recommendations my business how does a person show my unhealthy skills: classic:: internet. vendingtrends. com My company mainly handles Payphones. And so, part of the service in the company is to treat a dos software which will find out specifics of a payphone like the amount of money is in it, etc. Now what i do for a service for clients is I deal with the software intended for them, creating weekly reviews for them using the program(Expressnet). It spools released a file by using an. aaa extension and this can be opened with notepad in the event wanted. I have created being a control panel website because of this. I have granted each user their own directory and utilised my website provider’s options to make use of diretory protection so taht anyone can only wind up in his directory with the password and username(uses a strong htaccess file). I’ve heard this … Continue reading

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URL Masking

I tough to find info elsewhere in the forums on this…. Are usually best way in order to mask a URL so that end users can’t workout the directory structure of your site I realise that if I were to utilize a frame then I could truthfully have the address inside URL box always stating http: //www. kisstroyer. com but there is certainly surely a healthier way to mask URLs than to make use of crappy frames. Best way to help mask urls is usually to use an exe or even dll for your whole page generation. But any url masking can cause you issues with se positioning. On earth do you explain further how you can generate pages along with exe and dll to get url masking Basically you produce a script which returns whatever is requested through the browser using a few (potentially variable) identifier. eg. Let’s say you might have some files you only plan to be accessible once, or only with a certain time for example. Store these records outside your " public" path on line server. Write the script to reply to requests like this particular: http: //www. instance. com/masking-script. cgifileid=007 by first transmitting the … Continue reading

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default index

Tips on how to set a file besides index. php as the default starting page for the domain So, for instance it goes to be able to news. php as opposed to index. php… If you work with Apache, in your. htaccess file add within the following line: DirectoryIndex index chart. php news. php Obviously add in countless pages as you want…

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.htaccess – excluded directory, but now forum ‘fails to open stream’

I currently possess a. htaccess file that says this particular: But Concerning recently started this forum up once more. Is there any approach to use this principle but not within the /forums directory Thanks a bundle Maybe incorporate this fact inside the regex Maybe down the lines of " forums" inside the regex Just thinking out loud… Could you show me how you can do that along with an example I am just totally treading with eggshells with. htaccess. Thanks Ok I’ve got this particular code now: Code: RewriteEngine at RewriteRule! (/forums/. *$\. (gifcssjpgpngjsasfaviwmvswfxsljarinc. php))$ /includes/request. inc. php But now the forum states this: I changed the directory for the Journal directory (the a bed that needs the RewriteRule to work) and it also didn’t do something, i. e. the URLs ended up still rewritten but not excluded as collectively have been. Am I carrying out something wrong Managed to get the code coming from here (Fixed that now, thanks pertaining to help ).

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.htaccess password protected directories

Relating to the following composition in my website /main < — root directory /main/templates < — THE directory in main. My personal. htaccess file was in the root directory My personal. htpasswd is while in the template directory Protected password box springs up it won’t accept my password. . htaccess Code: AuthName " Admin Panel" AuthType Simple AuthUserFile /templates/. htpasswd require valid-user . htpasswd Code: user: password What feel i doing erroneous Just your word of notice; its not safe to put htpasswd files within web accessible files, even if there’re protected. If you could place them inside a directory outside of the main site folder (if your hosting company lets you do this) it will be more secure. At this point, onto the difficulty. Is your password encoded Theres a strong explaination here on how you can do it. This may solve your problems, but I cant basically see whats possibly not working here. MY SPOUSE AND I always find htaccess valuable, but configured in another way to on every device! : play: You ought to encrypt the passwords.

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