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Apache again

goes anyone learn how like make multiple address’s with Apache just like: home. localhost will load from you folder while community forum. localhost will head over to another. any help appreciated. absolutely no… u may should register w/ a DNS before you could do something similar to that… PM beacon, he has the apache expert They’re named subdomains BTW yeh, i understand, sorry i didnt name then that throughout here hmm, i thought i might need a DNS, nevermind then, i’m only a developer from your home, i’m not positioning my page on the web yet. From the apache records it seems that can be done this: Code: NameVirtualHost * < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. website. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/domain < /VirtualHost> < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. otherdomain. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain < /VirtualHost> Go to http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/vhosts/name-based. html for any full info. Yep you can as martin said but on the. conf file: Code: # VirtualHost: Allows the daemon to react to requests for several # server deal with, if your node machine is configured to simply accept IP packets # with regard to multiple addresses. This can be accomplished with the actual ifconfig # alias banner, or through … Continue reading

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Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral) aid WHat would you like to do Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place yeh Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page! hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean this is what i have regarding my error handle: Code: # # 1) ordinary text ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 – The node made a boo boo. # n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output # # 2) local redirects ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url # to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page #ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl # N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes. # # 3) external redirects ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 – Messed ” up “, sorry # N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original # request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script. is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error … Continue reading

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server ip?

Now i’m running apache TWO. 0 on my ocmputer at the moment… but when MY PARTNER AND I goto http: //iphere getting older work! am I doing somthing wrong PS it worked some days ago… Uncertain about 2. 0, although in 1. 3 OR MORE. 27 you won’t be able to use localhost as being the server name if you would like access the server outside your computer. Your firewall may be blocking port 80, too. Aspect note: 2. 0 can be notoriously unreliable along with PHP, even SEVERAL. 3. 0, and the PHP folks highly recommend using 1. 3 OR MORE. 27 with PHP. avoid yeah… but MY SPOUSE AND I run XP in addition to 2. 0 extends better with experience… and my router has a internal firewall… so I guess I’ll make sure to disable it….. gives thanks Where brand-new heard that A COUPLE OF. 0 runs much better in XP ONE PARTICULAR. 3. 27 runs perfectly fine with luck in 2000 as well as XP. WHEN I didn’t hear that I tried the idea I’m running COUPLE OF. 0 with php SEVERAL. 3. 0 and the Localhost works great… but I want people to access it… … Continue reading

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installing apache, php, and mysql

I’ve sucessfully installed Apache. Once i type in localhost, I have the Apache page. WE tried installing PHP 5 VARIOUS times (rebooting concerning installations and deletions)…. inside line LoadModule php4_module n: /programs/php/sapi/php4apache. dll WE changed mine for you to c: /php/sapi/php4apache. dll. Once i install PHP, there isn’t any folder sapi and also a file php4apache. dll anywhere on my computer. What gives This is very frustrating as well as almost enough to travel with the circulation and use Ms products. Uninstall anything and go get a hold of FoxServ it creates all that easy. The challenge is you’re installing PHP, download the zip document and unzip them. furthermore, no need that will reboot your equipment, just apache each and every time it starts. Always remember that pages CACHE. Meaning that if you unsuccesfully installed php, made an experiment. php and the idea tried to get a hold of, even if PHP is currently working – it’s going to still try that will download it mainly because browsers aren’t of which smart – complete a new test page each attempt at reinstall. MySQL is definitely painless.. just press install and slide asleep FoxServ seems to be interesting, I’ll have to … Continue reading

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I thought i was getting away from M$

We have seen teh set up notes thread with regard to installing apache, php, mysql with regard to windows. Anyone got almost any idea how to begin this for linux We have just got an old box celeron 366 and possess loaded the host edition of redhat linux NINE onto it. We have been told in which apache is about it. If therefore, what do i do to acquire it going. i am lost here. lol Any ideas. I think i posted inside the wrong forum. meh To receive the actual software: For MySQL let us discuss the downloads. For PHP here is the latest good release. For Apache let us discuss the available frees. Any problems you might have or extra instruction for the right way to install ask here or you may find the answers at LinuxQuestions. org Learn some documentation regarding redhat.. it’s not that hard. the reason that there’s countless tutorials for iwndows is because it’s so hard to acquire it working. About linux, it’s commonly a quickie. I believe you type with the command line to obtain it started, and then open a cell phone, and go to http: //localhost/ or http: //127. 0. 0. … Continue reading

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Apache Question

Express my web list is ‘C: /my documents’ and from it I have a new folder called ‘website1′ So to get to it I would type: http: //localhost/website1/ These days, is it doable to edit httpd. conf so I just have to type this specific: http: //localhost/website1 (without the / within the end) With thanks Try: Code: Alias /website1 /website1 (IIRC) That would try to be for one folder while wouldn’t it Think about making it so I do not have to type the / in for any folders Add an alias minus the " /" Maybe you have checked whether UseCanonicalName is placed on In that case, disable it. Sean ie. UseCanonicalName off … around httpd. conf Sean Furthermore check the Crawls… by default the only real default document is definitely index. html, probably have to add in. php,. htm etc for whatever you employ. PS Mine works that way by default (after incorporating in index. php in order to my indexes) WE already did of which And due to all that made it simpler for, I will experiment with these suggestions tommorow. Sean, the item worked great, with thanks.

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Dreamweaver MX localhost problem??

We are having a challenge getting IIS in order to properly map my own web root. I’m using DWMX and possess never had this challenge beofre. I’ve always used (on similar machine) F: /SITES/the site for the reason that local storage area after which it C: /localhost/Webs/the site for the reason that testing server. the positioning = the name belonging to the current project (e. he. Car Company). While i preview the web site from dreamweaver, IE/IIS attempts to look for the site while in the /localhost/ directory Besides the /localhost/SITES/car organization. Everthing will be configured properly with DWMX. If I check out http: //localhost/SITES/trace. aspx, the page runs without any problems — hence the server end would seem ok. We can even get that will http: //localhost/SITES/Car Company/index. aspx but none from the graphics load. Easily hover the mouse with the graphics quickly, I see from the status bar how the URL is /localhost/images/car1. gif As an alternative to /localhost/SITES/images/car1. gif. For some reason the url is usually leaving out that " second level" with mapping. I’ve been using DWMX for a little bit and I’ve never had this challenge before. Intended for whatever it’s worthy of, this is … Continue reading

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Abyss Web Server – localhost?

Maybe you have noticed my submit on Abyss Web Server but today I’m having reactions to it! I mount it and just about all, run setup. exe, just exactly what I did continue time. I go configured to run PHP Scripts and also my site (2Monkey Studios) is C: \Abyss Internet Server\htdocs\2monkey. Now here’s the issue. The web node is running and turned on e. t. c. Then I go Microsoft Internet Explorer in addition to type: http: //localhost/2monkey/home. htm Now on this old server (I must uninstall my previous edition of Abyss and re-install) this will have worked, but with this one, I find page not identified. Why It has taken me a while to explain, but I am hoping you get me personally now. Please can you help. Please… I am aware this sounds instead a silly dilemma, but are you sure how the file in dilemma exists Of course, it does. C: \Abyss Web Server\htdocs\2monkey\home. htm is the directory. Does your config file point towards the folder being the ServerRoot will be C: \Abyss Internet Server\ Im leaping at straws these because I can not see any immediate issues, but an option is to try. Don’t forget … Continue reading

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PHP Developmen

I’m just starting with php and I became wondering if you will find any tools that will making websites from it. For instance I wrote a code that prints " hello world" for the page. How must i see if that works without uploading it to my server Is there any way. Thanks with the help. Superior question. I’m uncertain of the solution myself, but most likely can, and I’m really sure I’ve discovered this myself. Why not just build hosting on your PC That way shipping and delivery have to publish. By " Set up hosting on your PC" jlgosse, does one just mean down load and install Apache as well as Abyss Web Server or there has to be a different technique You’ll ought to download and deploy something. You can install Apache if you care. I haven’t mounted it myself, although I’ve heard of which www. easyphp. org is easier than you think to install along with use. I actually basically mean setup a test server on your house pc. http: //localhost/phptests/script. php/ That’s what it is. Hmm I will try thanks.

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A SINGLE. is there almost every other way to CHMOD a file besides thru an ftp program on windows. 3. why is which i can not upload a file to help my localhost through an ftp system. The response we get is " Gain access to denied" or " Include failed". A SINGLE. Nope, CHMOD is completed through FTP commands (you will use Internet Explorer for you to FTP mind you… ) 3. CHMOD issue in all likelihood. You can install Cygwin… that provides you, effectively, a new Unix-esque shell around Windows. http: //www. cygwin. com/ Sean.

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