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Free co-op vB message board for established sites.

I will be a bit confused about the new rules the following. Someone please inform me if here is the right place because of this message When you operate a multi-page web site, I will host it on the vB message board available for you, free. My co-op form forum group is not really cluttered with banners. It truly is funded by 1 advertising email 7 days a week. I will take into consideration compete with your enterprise. All that becomes necessary is so you might place a text link from your home page(or other primary page) for the home page connected with my co-op model forum group: " Totally free Bulletin Boards & Free Glorified forums. " This does not ought to be prominent, and certainly, you also can certainly place any links you would like directly to your own message board. And also being " free" this can be better than operating your individual message board because: No are worried about spam spoiling your site. Members who join other glorified forums will see a person’s message board, and automatically will learn about your website. These kind of surfers already usually are " interacting" so are serious possible clients. … Continue reading

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THIS ISN’T MY SITE. http: //www. 2advanced. com Now don’t think that probably the site design is directed in the very limited marketplace I aren’t keen on it. It has the slow, too wide and too much. I thought in order well. But they obviously don’t need to get as many visitors when they probably could searchweb2advanced/searchweb 2advanced is overrated.. they kind of did make a good template that was totally original the moment… but then got rippped a lot. They don’t have any rankings online… t hey get a good amount of hits just coming from everywhere. for a little while I stayed in flashkit. com’s forums along with everyone acted like these were gods… i by no means got it. They may be the NSync of website development: -D Not the top by far, just the most famous. They will need to change their brand to 2nsync. com: -P that wouldnt make feeling tho Does this indicate they’re closet homosexuals who seem to use their collection of career as a means of expressing their repressed feelings toward their gender Severely, I think it truly is overdone and that’s doubtful as effective as they’d are interested to be. Anything, … Continue reading

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Slash AW Winner

We have get start to help my site: http: //www. injury. ro Injury AW Winner Why’ve you created this in both How’s my own Site and starting out stick along with hows my web site plz. b/c post def. know that you might have not just going with the type of flash design that will went into developing your web blog. its nice dont obtain me wrong that its real wonderful, just you haven’t just started out. Sorry We have not understood wath Starting out meens! Just seemed a little like blatant advertising and marketing I’m closing this specific thread since it looks an advertisement. Normally I’d ban because of this, but I’m gonna give masterG the blessing of the doubt and assume that the reason (s)he published the link was to help others (even even though I don’t personally think that to be the truth. ) masterG, in the event you post something like that again, then you will be banned. Consider this kind of your one forewarning.

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Flash Mapping

Hello, all. I generate a custom cartography company and we’ve got been attempting to break in to the field of Flash and interactive mapping. We are trying to change our advertising and marketing scheme for such a work and was just in search of some suggestions in respect of who and how we ought to market to. Web design companies Multi-media corporations Thanks!

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Threaded forum more profitable?

Hi there: I run a website with banner marketing, so i am following a maximum number involving page views. I use an exceptionally old forum application (wwwboard) right now rendering it a pig that will administer, so i intend to change to something more up to par. The problem is the fact that i want to get a page view for every message like ina threaded online community structure, but nowadays forums are mostly linear, which means you merely get one banner ad impression per message(thread). Any kind of views on in which Most in the downloadable, ready to work forum packages were created to be user friendly so keep how many clicks to the absolute minimum – threaded message boards are horrible things to use and I’m sure many people stay away from their store. Why not create a user friendly linear forum filled with interesting content to raise your hits rather than trying to squeeze regularly out of a great outdated formula So basically you’re looking for a page view per post in a new thread, correct I’d talk to the advertisement company first, as they will often take offense to that idea, as I’ve never heard of … Continue reading

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Giving access!!!

I want to know how to give usage of certain people to certain regions of a site. I dont know anything concerning this. Making the site isnt a problem it is programming i always don’t know hence help me out there. Also using IIS how do you post forms Is niagra where everyone is known for a unique username/password or only everyone needs to learn one usernam/password If it is the latter, then all you’ve got to do is create a password-protected directory, which involves. htaccess and. htpasswd records. Ask your host in the event you get these capabilities. If you possess SSH access, then you definately can create it yourself. Should you have Cpanel or additional Control Panel computer software, you should have the ability to do it by using that method. Normally, you can undertake it, less securely employing Javascript, though PHP combinations can be purchased, check out sourceforge (http: //sourceforge. net/). What I will most probably be using is IIS 5 or 6. Let me reveal more. I am building an Intranet site for any company I work with. I want HR to receive in HR and Marketing to obtain marketing. I could make and design site. … Continue reading

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Any Ideas?

We are currently planning to start a new web page that is for just a villa in spain and that is soon going that they are rented out intended for holiday makers. I currently have a few ideas i am looking from, at the instant but thought it would be interesting to see what most of you guys considered it and to discover if any of you might have any ideas for you to think would be good for any site like that. Maybe some input to the style and feel on the site. Or maybe there is certainly already a site on the net that you think could be fairly suited for just a villa renting internet site I want this site to become little different and also a few ideas Relating to already tried away are promising. But I’m bored to death and thought We’d see what any of you good deal would do in case you were me. Many thanks, Daniel Effectively heres one I saw, Its not too bad of a design. http: //www. spainvacationrentals. com They arnt the colors I has been expecting, but the design is great. This place isnt too great, but its … Continue reading

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Designing For A Living

I thought We would start this thread because I had been wondering who exactly about this forum does web designing for any living. I am only 15 years of age and am looking towards webdesign for the possible carrear, and Im continually being told in which there is a handsome profit involved with webdesign. Then again, this forum in this article and other on the internet has thousands and a large number of webdesigners on these people, and it cause you to be think by the time I am definitely old enough to try and do it as a full time income, (after college and university) if you experience still going in the form of big demmand with regard to websites. It appears pretty much every one of the companies are jumping to the band wagon now, and Im worried by the time I’m doing what I adore to do for any living, there will probably be no work What do most of you guys think about this Am MY PARTNER AND I right in thinking that it will have a small demmand to get sites in some three years time becuse everyone has one Or even will it get … Continue reading

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What should we strive for?

I wanted to getting a rough look for sites in particular you guys imagine show absolute excellence in web page design. Personally, I keep an eye on 10 or so sites in my bookmarks that we think exhibit what I would really like to become, and frequently I keep finding their way back to this a single: Fish Marketing To my advice, this site is probably the best site I’ve ever seen as far as all around should go. If I were searching for advertising of in which scale, and We were judging on sites, they’d get this business guarenteed Maybe I’m jaded, cynical, plus a *BLEEP* *BLEEP* *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*… yet I hate sites like Fish Marketing. They really don’t offer much of real content, it may not be really SEO text, and it’s far too " cute". It breaks Vincent Flander’s Don’t Confuse Web site design With Sex Guideline, and that will be one most meant never to be broken. Speaking which, I’ve always felt that this best sites available adhere to Knight in shining armor Vince’s philosophies. Get clear, don’t use annoying " mystery meat navigation" and be certain there’s some WEBSITE POSITIONING copy in there. The issue with … Continue reading

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Selling Links on website

I have been previously toying with the idea of selling text hyperlinks on my web site. The idea usually someone pays one to link to their website for any set period (usually some sort of month). I’ve found quite a few websites where We can " auction" the links, so marketing the spaces shouldn’t be too much of the problem. Even so, I want to determine what the thoughts about this are in basic. On some sites, there are doomsday-type safety measures that Google can block () the actual pages’ PR status. Any comments about this is appreciated — specially since I never have seen anything about it on WDF. Kind regards! The whole concept of " selling" buttons is nothing brand new. It’s the just like any banner advertising or Google AdSense url or anything of this nature. I’m unclear what warnings you will be " seeing", but as your spider-based search engine it could be somewhat difficult for Google to penalize a web site for selling reported links unless it was done in a " link-farm-style" scenario where sites put up for sale their links at a links page and go following that. Mind you, the whole concept … Continue reading

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