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Norton Personal Firewall 2002

How one can enable all requests being released to port 1024 : chinese: Wide open the Control Panel, Click on Alternatives choose Personal Firewall Mouse click on the Advanced Alternatives button Add your Port within the Other tab location. Make sure to check on the checkboxes in accordance with your specifications. Simply no luck Then My business is stumped. What do you really need it unblocked to get To allow use of my program. The requests can be found in on port 1024… which are often changed btw. Why didnt you only grant your plan full access by using Norton Firewall Because My business is still developing the idea, so it maintains changing… several times daily. I just thought it would a lot easier only to keep the opening open. also.

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Link colors

My organization is trying to design my website, not having a program to undertake it, and I want to know how to generate my links, just like link, active, frequented and hover numerous colors. The way it really is now is that a few of the links are green as well as some are blue sometimes before I mouse click on them. When I click on a link it turns towards color I really want but, when I gain back and just click ourside that link it turns back to the original coloring. I would also prefer to know where set this info. while in the doc. Thanks CSS pseudo things: Code: some sort of: hover color: hex; some sort of: active color: hex; some sort of: visited color: hex; Thanks for the information Riat_Sila. I’m planning to assume that this level of detail goes between your head elements. Basically am incorrect with assuming that, make sure you notify. ya however with style tags… Code: < form type=" text/css" > some sort of: link text-decoration: probably none; color: #ffffff some sort of: visited text-decoration: probably none; color: #ffffff some sort of: active text-decoration: probably none; color: red some sort of: … Continue reading

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Frames Navigation Dilemma

I am aware frames are essentially outdated and loathed, yet our site at present contains frames. We use it to keep a navigation bar to the screen at all times, so that users can mouse click on the links in the navigation bar to get away from whatever it is usually they’re viewing. Unfortuately, because of the fact the site is within frames, the main web site administrator has the idea set such that each clicked link has a base target associated with " _parent" and clicking for a link takes one to another framed page which contains the same navigation bar and the new page. (Say, the link was a connection to a comics part. Clicking on that link, loads a brand new frames page that contains the navigation bar available as one frame and the actual comics page in the other). The reason for this, or thus he says, is in order that people who enter your website from links they find over a search engine similar to Google, when clicking using a link will always regain the use of the navigation pub. I think, this defeats the reason for frames, which I see as a tool to … Continue reading

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page design – layers/frames/javascript?

Hello everybody, I’m trying to design a site which includes an area in the middle that changes when you click on the buttons around this. That probably won’t make sense therefore see here — http: //home. iprimus. com. au/jediwdog/stephens. htm – with the work in progress (I’ve fixed this green lines incidentally so ignore those)… The area of which says ‘blah blah blah’ needs to change when I mouse click on the ‘Dealers’ or ‘Contact’ buttons and potentially will likely need to have a scroll bar. I’ve seen web pages that achieve that (eg. http: //www. urthboy. com in addition to http: //www. elefanttraks. com/) but WE haven’t been able to figure out how. I pondered using layers as well as making one visible as the other is invisible, for example. but a) I never established how to do it and b) WHEN I realised that whenever they didn’t have their window maximised on the screen then the text would show up somewhere different. Someone pointed me into a javascript example (http: //www. alistapart. com/d/eatcake/final. html) but I don’t know anything about javascript in addition to I wasn’t sure if this can achieve exactly what I had been looking for. … Continue reading

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Front Page Background/Sample song issue

Howdy all, We have a background challenge. To the home page We have background sound using. On the exact page are some sample songs. Some users are usually telling me that every time they open the page and mouse click on the sample, each songs play. Right now on my laptop or computer, and most everyone else I’ve shown your website to, this would not happen. It seems to happen with a few select indivduals. Does anyone realize why this happens Is it an old gambler issue, or activeX challenge, or what Very stumped here and may use some aid. Many thanks! what happens on your computer do you hear the background music, but when people play the test, the background new music stops Yes and no. On some computers the background continues to learn when the test song is picked. On others the vocals stops when the particular song is preferred. It seems to depend on the computer. have you ever heard of this previous to Have you tested the format within your background music Many experts have awhile since WHEN I used FP, but I hadn’t got word of that before…….. especially if both (background in addition to … Continue reading

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experts exchange?

I have been hearing a lot more about this website. Is any just one subscribed to it If anyone will be, is it well worth subscribing to How active could it be and what causes it to be worth the entry fee P. S. i don’t mean for this thread to transform into advertising, its just there are several web designers suspended around here and many are the opinions i am looking for Friend that’s any DB programmer swore by that site a couple of years ago, dunno what his opinion is currently. I know I’ve found a great deal of great answers about there via google. Seen a great deal of Google hits, way too. I would never have the funds for access to it, though. I might get from other web developers for free via various sources, obviously including WDF. Yep, it seems fine, though having to repay to see replies to threads annoy the heck outta me personally. That’s the thing, I see them all right, and I don’t pay at all. Well, if you do a Yahoo search, and an Authorities Exchange link comes up, you can mouse click on " cached" and it offers you … Continue reading

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"Files" panel in Dreamweaver

I do not know if I have a different version involving Dreamweaver 8, but I will be trying to publish my " images" folder to the server so I don’t have to upload dozens with files one at any given time. However, my " Files" panel doesn’t contain the symbols for uploading (up plus down arrows), connecting for the server, etc. It just features a drag down list for viewing neighborhood files, 2 laptop or computer icons with file transfer protocol. followed by the site, and some sort of managing sites link. I need every single child upload the entire folder at once. It took us 45 minutes simply to upload the images for my index. I cannot afford to achieve this every time I update. How can i get the default check out back. HELP! Regards very much ahead. I actually were required to uninstall Dreamweaver 8 so as to restore my non-payments. I even acquired ahold of anyone at Adobe (after calling a bunch of numbers) and dress yourself in not even number it out. MY PARTNER AND I guess I’ve found out a glitch! Nevertheless, it anyone does discover how to restore the default view of the … Continue reading

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Getting a grip on the idea…

Hi, Ok therefore the idea im having originated an old apple program that handled files and ringbinders bu i cant discover the documentation on them. Basically theres a new structure of files gain access to (all pdf’s) which might be in a style in this way… HOME ________________ Folder Folder Folder _____ ____ _____ Track File File Track File File Ok so it’s just like a tree structure then again its not displayed like this. Picture a floating bubble in teh centre within your screen, the you mouse click on it and much more bubbles appear about it, then once an individual clikc on some of those bubbles it pans over to that section even more bubbles appear around it etc . until you’re with the final directory degree. I’ve probably simply confused everyone over it, i know truly confuse dmyself and i just need some help getting a handle on how i get rolling. Thanks beforehand! This seems like a good Flash application to my opinion. Get a good Flash community forum and re-ask your question. Another option can be AJAX, with a real mix of PHP as well as Javascripting. And also… I’m also uncertain if you’re preaching … Continue reading

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Errors from forms….I believe

553 I am sorry, that domain isn’t really in my set of allowed rcpthosts. What triggers this error Does this error appear on the website or only in e-mails. Would you not write throughout bold, its difficult to read. Check out this link for your first error. http: //support. netfirms. com/idx. php… email-message-bounces-back-to-the-sender. html code Thanks Jason to your reply, and sorry to the bold text. Theses errors only occur when some one types inside forms, there e-mail and request or whichever content they should and then mouse click on send. The form is definitely suppose to send out their request or whichever they want for you to another e-mail address, and instead to getting the correct facts (their request) from your form, we growing these errors. That’sthe reason I was thinking ?t had been the form qualities some how obtained changed or messed upward, or the coordinator made some new changes that effected the shape somehow. Also the malfunction only happens from the e-mails from that info being sent through the forms. Erectile dysfunction.

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Web Images and Printing

I’m trying to post some graphics on a website that should also be printed. The situation, as with almost all web graphics I’ve ever worked with, is that this files print available " pixelly" plus low resolution. I’ve been making use of GIF files because these are non colored documents graphic line images (with text notations). Your originals are vector centered Illustrator files. I’ve tried doubling the size and displaying these individuals at half the size and style in the HTML hoping that may fool the printer’s, but that did not worked. Then I tested out bringing the Vector Painting into Photoshop with a higher resolution and displaying the larger resolution file within the HTML, but this didn’t work sometimes. The browsers aren’t taking it – that they still print all of them as low res information. Will it be the file file format Would a JPG or perhaps PNG work superior I could truthfully use a PDF FILE download, but your website owner wants a web site page with the print button. Can a Printing CSS file admittance a vector based file emerge a hidden div Every thoughts, or experience keeping this Bless you. typically impress friendly resolution intended … Continue reading

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