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Installing Apache on Win2000 Prof

So downloaded the zip, removed it, and published the install doctor, it’s claiming l should download and installation the. msi report. WTF how is the fact that meant to install Hopelessly lost on this sucker Go read the actual this thread during vbf i strolled justin through the idea i’m sure that can be done it! hold out on i’ll uncover it Yep here ya go: http: //www. vbforums. com/showthread. phpthreadid=157785& highlight=apache beacon Read everthing then ask queries! Thanks dude, apparent this can be for PHP and HTML pages… is better than me why most of us need two website server setups Psst…. you obtain the manuals and many cool demos on the PHP sites Am likely to be all over brussels: thumbsup: Nah havent experienced much time in order to resume me php knowing!! Focusing on some asp venture!! First i’ll get noisyplanet up on a server plus the domain name after that i’ll learn php! Php is actually great… and not thay hard to learn. Found some weird quirks around PHP, though… PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()         echo  $something;   //  echos  nothing But PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()       … Continue reading

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800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 ?

so well i’ve read somewhere that people use 900 X 600 reselution and well your sites look fine in my take on my 15inch monitor wiv 1024 TIMES 768 When will i set my site to become the rite measurement for every1 800×600 will be minimum every website should support. Just poorly designed web pages don’t work in 1024 X 768. I agree with Filburt, 800×600 will be resolution which all browser support. my partner and i always made website for 800×600. (if as well as is fixed width) or the positioning may be stretched to complete the browser. you possibly can design your internet site with tables utilizing %.. for model: PHP: < table  width=100%> < tr>     < td  width=20> < img  src=left_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td>     < td  align=center>     This  table  will  stretch  across  the  entire  screen.     The  left_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  left.     The  right_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  right.     Regardless  of  the  web  clients  screen  resolution.     < /td>     < td  width=20> < img  src=right_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td> < /tr> < /table> Hope this kind of helps. If … Continue reading

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Newbie having a mare with forms

I have been building a site for my spouse, and on an entire have figured stuff out as I’ve gon along, as yet that is. She wants a questionnaire. As I realize it I want to do two things: A SINGLE. Build the variety as normal (I was using Dreamweaver) puting in certain code that when the button is clicked the item sends the for on the ISP. 3. Upload some extra code towards the CGI-Bin at the particular ISP that shows the server what direction to go with the kind data and in which to send the idea. Are I right and so far The form I have created requires the usual material, Name email address etc. However I have got two drop affordable menus asking the consumer to select a precise option. Is the addition belonging to the drop down selections complicating matters if so just how do i deal with them. Sorry if this appears slightly vague but I will be not sure where I’m suppose to be going with this. Just about any thoughts greatfully been given. Nagger When you say a form on earth do you mean a contact sort of some sort Where by … Continue reading

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Page Refresh

Hey there everyone, I have happen to be creating web sites for some years, but almost nothing huge. I am currently gonna college to attain an associates level in Visual Speaking. I look frontward to meeting everyone and learning approximately I can. This is my question. Whenever I update an online site, I also have to refresh my browser to check out the new content I uploaded. How do POST create code that may automatically refresh the page around the server side I want every single child upload a web-site, and not ought to tell the client they’ve to refresh to determine the new changes. I hope I am making sense. Ones thoughts and ideas are most liked. Bryan What language will you be using In ASP you have available this at the top end of the page to support stop page caching: < % ‘ Make sure the page just isn’t cached Solution. Expires=60 Solution. Expiresabsolute=Now()-2 Solution. AddHeader " pragma", " no-cache" Solution. AddHeader " cache-control", " private" Solution. CacheControl=" no-cache" %> Mr. C, Regards for the rapid reply. My site is constructed with HTML and several PHP. Do you as well as anyone else know of an solution … Continue reading

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Allowing Users to change Font Size

Greetings, I’m designing an internet site . for older people and as a consequence require it to be user friendly. Thusly I want them youngster should be vary the font size to permit them to go through it better. I know sometimes it is done by transitioning stylesheets, but can any person tell me how to accomplish this, or direct me to your tutorial Effectively, if you provide the area you need to change a identity, such as PHP: < div  id=”divname”> div  text< /div> Then, to be able to change it, believe do PHP: < script  type=”text/javascript”> document. getElementById(“divname”). style. fontSize  =  ’14pt’; < /script> hope that helps Can’t they set it into their browsers For those who have a declared font size in the stylesheet or website page, that would override anyone user’s settings. Yet, they could check out View -> Copy Size, and modify it. Of course, they could. This is certainly, again, a matter of you writing how do i serve your readers, and not the other way around. Try a fixed font-size about the body tag, and have the sizes skin color other tags established to relative measurements (as in ems or %) with the … Continue reading

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Help! Nowhere hidden to put private config file!

On the new website, all I’ve is a actual directory on my personal FTP. I do not have any directories underneath it helping put config files, we don’t want anybody to determine. The people along at the host said in order to password protect the directory the config file is currently in (a subdir in the root) with htaccess, but merely do this then the PHP include()s won’t be able to access it. Possibly there is any other way to make this file private on the outside world With thanks! You could take a step like this: PHP: if  (  $_SERVER’PHP_SELF’  ==  ‘/protectedFolder/protectedFile. php’  )        die(  ‘Private  record,   buddy.   Step  back again. ‘  ); I believe should work. Naturally, you change /protected… on the appropriate folder/file, relative on the *server root*. Ah I see, so should the actual file inside the browser is the private one, it’s going to display the meaning, but if it is a different page as well as private file is just being included, it won’t Because it isn’t really the current page I think I getcha. With thanks, buddy WE wouldn’t even show a message. Just forward them onto for … Continue reading

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Muti-part message in MIME format

Great day WDF buddies, I became wondering what a " mutli-part principles in MIME format" is/means/ and also why I continue getting them. Foundation: It is now the second time We’ve had this take place. With my website, www. shanispace. com, I have a form about the contact page. I acquired the php script originating from a friend of my own. This morning, I received four emails as being a " form submission" by different " people. " But that’s the lowest amount of of the weirdness. The form has four areas, all of which are required. If they’re not filled out, form doesn’t send. Hence, not all analysts are filled out in all the messages We’ve received. The " Subject" can be a drop-down, so there is absolutely no option to type something in, and a few the messages have got customized " Themes. " The particular messages themselves are usually primarily jibberish, with what look like parts of some sort of story. Each has a bcc to aol handles. And are claiming being somethingorothershanispace. com, which have been emails that never exist. (Crazy what your website adminstrator knows! ) My business is simply confused, so any insight can … Continue reading

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Link Popularity

ok i am making a website where when you click on any link a show up pops up with a flash game with it. I choose to have my link list so as of most popular with the top and i would like this is end up being automatically updated. Is niagra possible in script… Not Flash! It needs to be script. Flash wouldnt work with what im performing. You could use an " facing outward link counter" then spit it right out the the db around desc order What do an individual mean by in that case spit it right out the db in desc order Would this be programmed did you decide to go to the website i posted in the event you did you can have seen the the idea stored the volumes of times the actual link as been clicked from a db. then… all you have to do is get the info on the db (in descendant order) into your page Certainly i read the particular link, What instant messaging asking is how would i " obtain info from this db (in descendant order) in to your page" You might need to user a device … Continue reading

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Making a form

I’d like to see to give my customers the opportunity of filling out a questionnaire on my website www. moreblingforyourbuck. com. I’d like to see to let these people submit any demands for jewelry or gather a certain piece they can’t find anywhere otherwise. How do I create a real form that they can fill out along with send directly to help my e-mail A person’s webhost is Google. I’m pretty sure many people allow PHP scripting, but I’m not convinced if (or how) they will allow sending e-mail using PHP. That question has to be answered first. And so, here’s an experiment you can test. 1) message and paste the particular script below straight into notepad and save it seeing that " test. php". 2) change that email address for your own… (recipient). 3) publish that file " test. php" into your blog in your primary directory. 4) type: http: //www. moreblingforyourbuck. com/test. php and examine if you get an email. Recommendations " test. php": PHP: < php //  Put  your  own  email  address  on  the  next  tier. $recipient  =  “youremailaol. com”; $sender  =  “johndoenoreply. com”; $subject  =  “PHP  Email  Test”; $message  =  “This  is  an  email  test  from  … Continue reading

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