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Howdy, before I express my problem it might be rude if MY PARTNER AND I didn’t introduce me personally first. I’m Dan. I used to create little sites with my spare occasion and then a couple of years ago I designed a niche site for my Dad’s Villa. The website is here http: //www. villaclarissa. com. At any rate, as you cane easily see, this isn’t an exceptionally professional site in case I wasn’t loved ones, it would most likely not have been been given so well. Nonetheless now, I were approached by your dental technician who want me to do a site for them. Fundamentally, I have very little (or little) knowledge of anything and everything Used to do know I’m a little bit rusty on. Last time I achieved the majority of things through trial as well as error and I used to be planning on doing a similar thing this time period. I don’t include dreamweaver so I’m gonna hand script almost everything. The hope would be to look something very much alike this http: //www. haddonwilliams. com, which looks if you ask me like a very professional site. What I am finding hard at this time … Continue reading

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Storeyboarding and Design Process: The Eternal Question

I just wanted some advise on how to storeyboard and the fundamentals of the design process. I’m focusing on a project and I’m sort of stuck. I have most of these ideas and principles floating around within my head but I wouldn’t have enough experience within a project to framework my ideas and acquire some designs into show my clientele. I just wanted to understand how you develop concepts when someone pertains you for a niche site. I have read some excellent resources over the internet but there are lots of books on design process Possible spend all the time just studying design in lieu of actually designing. I understand I will improve with time adequate more projects beneath my belt I’ll develop my unique work process women and men HARDEST thing I find is definitely getting started!!! P. AZINES I understand this question will need to have asked a trillion periods on here so I apologize but any tips or tricks will be much apperciated. I get with a customer for your initial consultation which in turn takes about ONE PARTICULAR. 5 to A COUPLE OF hours. I have a sheet with all the questions I wish to ask. … Continue reading

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rotate image

Howdy. I have designed a website using netobjects fusion and want an image turn (the image may be a wormhole and I need it to " spin". We have no coding knowledge and thus I am getting help with that, maybe someone can suggest a niche site that may give this effect. Thanks Wazza I would use Flash in the event that it were me. Without the Flash software package, maybe someone could undertake it for you authentic cheap… like someone on this forum.

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Having trouble editing current website files

Not long ago i bought a site business from a web based friend, and I’m having plenty of trouble editing existing files. For case in point, on the website, there is a summary of websites that are generally like mine. When i tried to add a niche site to the list, the code doesn’t manifest right. It’s much like the code is destroyed somewhere, and that layout is most of messed up. This is what I do when i want to modify a page with my website: -Open existing file for which page on this computer in notepad -make the required changes -save to be a new. txt document -open in the browser to verify code OR -upload to my FTP, and then look at website All the time I do this specific, it doesn’t emerged right. Then I have to upload the old file to mend it. What am WHEN I doing wrong Any ideas Well then , i’ll know if any info is wanted, thanks so considerably! The file extension is significant. Are you sure the proxy is. txt, or maybe should it end up being. html Oftentimes, your text publisher alters the filename… Case in point: index. … Continue reading

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Site Architecture

My organization is getting a new design to this site www. koleabeachvillas. com this week. I was curious about if anyone had a bit of good recommendations as much as me changing the particular architecture. I will likely be adding from a blog, but that can just be a link within the sidebar. Thanks! Maybe you might even go with WordPress for your whole site Or a variety of WordPress and might be Joomla (or Drupal) I actually started a niche site with wordpress at www. koleahi. com. The new design I’m getting shall be really nice and I may have a big wordpress blog within just it. WordPress is great. Also know you can use WordPress being a CMS system. You can trick WP to help open any static page since the main page. Considerably of information during this… and a few ways to use, so I’ll just display the many findings: http: //www. search engines. com/searchhl=en& q=wordpress because cms tutorial& aq=0& oq=wordpress because cms Yes, my first wordpress blog Used to do that way, but I ran into a problem with your windows program hosting in wetpaint. My new site shall be linux so which will be good. … Continue reading

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Images on my site?

Howdy, I am recently developing a niche site for my usually, and i’m wanting to post multiple images/a gallery connected with my work. To the front page I have four photos CERTAINLY NOT in gallery formatting, which leads for you to my first dilemma: how to WHEN I get photos with my site I’ve uploaded them to help my server(Freehostia), but am having trouble how to find the part of the location to set up my < img src/> div. The positioning looks strange, something like this: " https: //cp. freehostia. com/members/filemanager2/viewbigimage. phppath=L3d3dy9NWSBHQUxMRVJZL0hPTEdBLw==& img_name=RnJpZW5kc19ieV9rRWF0MG4uanBn" Is this just what I need to set up my < img src/> div Is there alternative ways in order to doing this Right now for my subsequent question. I’m looking for some type of image viewer/ways for you to display my gallery upon my website. I’ve looked into simpleviewer, but acquired trouble installing the item. I’ve also talked about just putting the particular images in there with a plain < img src/> div and then adding navigation buttons into a new page(looking similar to the last, of course) but which has a different picture. I would also like the image viewer to own " categories" … Continue reading

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Can I turn this site into a paid membership site and how?

Hello, I am building a niche site using a internet site builder and I used to be just curious if this is certainly made into the paid membership web-site. www. gamersalli. com If it’s possible, how do i go about carrying out this If this can not be done I would really like to have one internal the near future. Can anyone okay know the price of having one built Thanks a ton and have an excellent day! Cathy Cathy… Always use Yahoo and google first for questions of that ranking… you get easier answers: http: //www. google. com/searchhl=en&… script& cts=1240946697240& aq=1& oq=php settled mem Although we do choose to help people. Google is typically faster and many times, very helpful.

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How to design simple 1 page Website

Howdy everyone. I am new to the current forum and this really is my first submit and first question. I have discovered plenty of 1page websites along with noticed that they look pre-installed such that this owners just tweaks them to fit in to their desires like everyone else can tweak smf, drupal and Joomla and various CMSes. checkout this site and pls tell me the right way to go about building such 1 web site sites. http: //www. the-wiggly-worm. com/ While they could seem that approach… they really are not. Your browser is known for a View > Page Source command which tells you the page computer code. Given there’s very little Doctype specification, you might want to develop a straightforward page yourself, it really is pretty basic. Another is to Document > Save while… You can then take a look at how the site works, and learn things you require to do that will put your own word in there. Nonetheless, this is going to be more complicated than the usual simple editor window where you just type in brand-new text. Most with the people in this niche will advertise you a web site layout generator. Also you … Continue reading

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Need help doing a practice website.

We have dabbled in HTML previously and I’ve played with a good number of content management systems for example wordpress, joomla, e107, including a few more. I’d prefer to step up my web page design skills and stop determined by CMS for every one of my sites. What I’d love to build is a site a lot like this one. http: //www. thefatlute. com I think a niche site like this would be great practice, pretty simple design in addition to incorporates a data source. Can anyone tell me the most effective way to start something like this Actually if any person could help us out with making a basic database along with being able to raise it and question it using the html or php page I believe I could figure the rest out with sample and error. Looks like some sort of ASP scripting… some sort of CMS of several kind. Consequently, their site is actually ASP. net scripting probably with a Windows Server. To build something like that from scratch would have been a tremendous project. Google has a pile of tutorials for MySQL as well as PHP together. Good luck… you’ll be hectic for months. Is … Continue reading

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Music Portal – help for design

Howdy all. I’m music fen of music in particular the music out of my country (Bulgaria). I want to make a niche site for bulgarian music but relating to only very basic skills for web design because i’m not necessarily professional. I make this project for fun and i lack budjet to undertake it. This is the reason to write the following. If somebody have time to yourself and want to create a design because of this music site. I can’t pay but for any help I might put advertising banner over the internet site and web site to his/her web page " created by" + logo design. This is all what I’ll do: -(. In the event somebody have fascination please contact my home here or: icq : 261341875 skype : j-o-k-e-r-a facebook – http: //www. facebook. com/home. php#/profile. phpid=555628263& ref=profile Thank you in advance Victor Nikolov Yea, I’m still learning what facebook are capable of doing. If it was like Myspace and also Hi5, I could help you with that. But it looks like Facebook has Much Restrictions, again, nonetheless learning myself. Nonetheless, as I understand it more and still have some Ideas, I’ll send it your way.

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