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Where do you see the Internet in 10 years?

Having on from one more thread regarding Search engines I thought I’d post this question to receive people to step back and look at the Internet in general rather than that nuts and bolts of producing web pages. What do you imagine the Internet might be like in 10 years How will we all access it How could it be regulated Will the idea become monopolised by a handful of ‘channels’ Say what you believe however ludicrous, will probably be interesting to see how a number of us share common strategies. Personally I think will probably be more like TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. Split into stations or networks exactly who control the content that is certainly available. Obviously it will have space too to get personal sites, a lot like public access TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, but the big boys will probably be where most folks go. We won’t a lot Google for a niche site as visit a channel to discover what’s on. Some sort of cross between magazines, magazines and television set. Yes, I also think that it will have couple of ‘big boys’ covering many information. You have too see exactly how frequently different organizations merge, but you almost … Continue reading

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Database design – Necessary?

I will be starting up like a freelance web designer (soon I may become a business, but not until I’m no less than 20), but I will be wondering, is database development necessary for people to want one to do jobs with regard to them. I know may well help (and We are learning it), but would it be necessary in the start off Can most sites will need databases, or can people create perfectly beneficial sites without them I simply need someone to shed an amount of light on this kind of subject… aranoid: Its essentially the difference concerning static and makeup sites. I think you can do fine without these people, especially as you begin, but it certainly not hurts to how to use them at some time. Standard business and also personal sites (that you should not sell online) generally won’t ever have the requirement of a database. Models that sell on the web usually will (shopping cart systems etc.. ) CMS (content administration system) based sites are essentially always database influenced. These are websites that someome typically can log into (directly with the browser) and enter information.. either as a blog, or a variable user system … Continue reading

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W3C validation

I became wondering how the majority of you make in force W3C websites. I did a search by using yahoo for internet site design and I cecked the initial 10 companies detailed and none of these are W3C legitimate. How important it really is that the web pages you create are usually W3C valid All my sites comform towards the W3C specifications. I think it is significant more people start designing their web sites with web standards. Although I do not believe that it is vital that that they " vailidate" for the W3C validator. When you have attempted to get near it then sometimes that could be well enough. The validator is merely to check as a result of your work. It doesn’t detect everything. If your webblog validates it doesn’t mean your site conforms to the online standrds. For example We’ve designed a internet site with tables to support present the system, something which may be known as a big no no in lots of web standard advocate’s eye balls, and still got it to confirm. You are advised not to do so having tables and use then only for tabular data. People not prepared change from utilizing … Continue reading

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3D Designs

I am quite new an internet design, but I’m looking to assume to another amount. Specifically, I desire to bring some bit of a 3-dimensionality to my personal sites. Specifically, I’m interested in applying fill gradients and shadows behind dining tables. I have many questions, but primarily, is the only way to do this through the use of images I have researched a bit about using slivers to build fill gradients, but have experienced little luck tugging it off. I also wonder if it can be easier to just create a full image with a gradient after which just specify the height/width belonging to the table cell. I appreciate any help the more experienced web-designers out there usually provide. For the reason that CSS doesn’t yet support gradients or even drop shadows totally, you need to utilize images. Good to find out. As a consequence, these images really should be static, right Such as, a table that has a shadow box behind it could possibly not be coded in order that the table evolves as dynamic facts is dumped towards it. Unless, not surprisingly, the code imported a different image to make up. Does that seem correct You do not … Continue reading

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New site

Hi, I’m working away at an update involving my school house website and required your opinions at how it appearance, the house coloration is pink — hence the shapes and colours used! I also want some advice on which fonts would look great, thanks beforehand, Solidgold look it over Im not a huge fan. I’d personally possibly go with a solid grey background as opposed to more stripes. As well, there is a black circle in the middle of the text spot in Firefox. Caring I just seen, is that this page scrolls if it doesnt really need to, and there is definitely no border for the top of the underside pink section, which i think would make the website look a tiny better, since the good news is border on the most notable pink section. It does not align properly with Firefox, and there may be horizontal and directory scrolling for no reason. As well, having stripes likely one direction with the top and bottom on the page, and stripes opting another at the center, is a bit of a distraction. Make this solid. It’s like seeing a magic eye on a carousel. You seriously should find out CSS … Continue reading

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Complete Site Overhaul, Where to Begin? Need Tool Recommendations…

Fine. So I’ve decided to overhaul the internet site for a not for profit German language school. I used to go to the school myself for a while and now I’m becoming their citizen tech guy. Their particular current site: http: //www. deutschesprachschuleinc. org/ Obviously this layout and style (it isn’t mine) is totally unappealing and newbie. Even so, I’ll readily admit that web site design is not our specialty. I’ve thrown together some personal sites in Frontpage in addition to played around together with bits of PHP and SQL but nothing serious. So, I’m looking for an all a single tool that will please let me do visual enhancing of pages. Freeware will be good, but shell out is ok. I’m definitely not that worried in regards to the code aspects, as We can teach myself that no issue. What We are more concerned about is graphic plus layout creation. I’d like this to appear professional and I’ve virtually no illustrator, graphic design, and also CSS skills. Where must start Now, I’m looking for a timeframe of close to 4 weeks to accomplish this project (basically my own winter break. ) That also includes learning, design, as well as … Continue reading

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Finding a job?

I’m gonna be looking for a entry-level web design job soon, hopefully with a new design firm in addition to an in-house position which has a large company. I have a new bachelor’s degree in one of those ‘new media’ form programs, though I obtained started with basic web page design while I ended up being still in senior high school. Not really thinking about doing freelance products so my ‘experience’ is mostly limited to what exactly I taught by myself & what POST learned in school, a few personal sites i always have made with regard to myself, homework challenges, and stuff coming from a joke " internship" which has a company that probably didn’t survive the 1-year draw. I also currently have a very sort of part-time occupation doing occasional updates towards website of a smallish company, which We have had for might be 8 months today. I only know a certain amount of programming and Now i’m interested more in the design end of things approach programming end with things. I’m really wondering only can actually expect that they are hired by everyone, and how much I’ll expect to be paid only DO get appointed. The only … Continue reading

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Greetings everyone. We are doing a few personal sites if anyone is recently for dollars albeit a minimized rate. I haven’t actually got enough money to view a lawyer right now, and I was looking for a good example of a contract which i could give my own clients. MY SPOUSE AND I found this: http: //www. mediasurgery. company. uk/articles/2006/10/22/our-completely-free-web-design-contract-web-site-design-development-document/ ONE: Is it any good I am pondering using it……… ONLY TWO: Thought you lot could possibly be interested if its, ‘cos it’s no cost. Or at least your could employ it as a template to construct your own, MY SPOUSE AND I suppose….. What can you lot reckon This goes back to the DO IT YOURSELF (do-it-yourselfers). I don’t advise anyone that owns a small business to design their own website. It isn’t their specialitzation in most instances. Just like a designer shouldn’t construct some DIY agreement. Go to an attorney and give them the details of this business. Of course, you can modifiy similar to this, but it isn’t written for your online business. More importantly, it isn’t written for the state/country normally. An attorney from the U. S. can draft a much better/detailed/specific contract for approximately $150. … Continue reading

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Why is web design a hobby of yours?

Need to do a papers on my hobby that’s web design! If any of you could post and tell me why you enjoy this hobby a whole lot I would really thanks. Thank you before hand! Some days I love, some days WHEN I hate it… varies according to the mood as well as circumstances. Truth is I depend on it to fork out the bills, so should the pressure is on after which you can there’s some issue niggling which i can’t get to the bottom of I’m cursing and swearing… alternatively should the pressure is away, and I may play with several nifty Ajax script or similar it’s great fun… there may be satisfaction in producing something that seems and feels great… As well, if a customer insists on the really ugly design that is really demotivating… if you are playing you may establish the most superb designs and feel really like to show off them, but when there exists a paying customer whenever they say they desire green writing on a red background what are you able to do! I guess leave is one solution… Sean Mine was a hobby become a business. I had designed a … Continue reading

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How to find your style?

We’ve learned html/css and Relating to Photoshop and Dreamweaver (Been learning for a couple years now). My organization is ready to start designing a web site for a project of mine, but I merely don’t know where do you start. I have witnessed various designers, through the years, and I have noticed something they all got in common. Each will seemed to possess a specific style, or many at least. On earth do you guys tell me the method that you got started And the method that you found your design: ermm: We had a discussion some time back about the actual strange phenomenon wherever a website designer for no reason likes the design of his/her site(s). I’ve designed a lot of sites and still need to go back and also change things… I can’t explain that, but it’s just the way it is. A number of people suggested that maybe it’s the quality of time someone consumes designing and developing that lends once more to making the site " boring" or even mundane. In any event, you can locate a free CSS theme (using Google) along with use that template since the backbone to your layout. The design, colors, … Continue reading

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