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Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral) aid WHat would you like to do Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place yeh Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page! hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean this is what i have regarding my error handle: Code: # # 1) ordinary text ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 – The node made a boo boo. # n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output # # 2) local redirects ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url # to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page #ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl # N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes. # # 3) external redirects ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 – Messed ” up “, sorry # N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original # request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script. is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error … Continue reading

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Hi, heed help to choose a new web hosting.

Hello, heed help of choice a new web hosting. Currently You want to move the hosting to far more stable and high-speed company. After some analysis I selected top three the best option for my desires but interested in someone feedbacks and experience with these so I may stop on this best one. It is important: uptime, support reply time, PHP, My-SQL listings, affiliate program on the market. They may be akashik, thinkhost plus webwizards. http: //1. akashik. keyglobe. com http: //2. thinkhost. keyglobe. com http: //3. wizards. keyglobe. com Thanks a ton for any reviews, feedbacks. — http: //relax. keyglobe. com – thumb fun movies for good mood. How come quartz called your links all subdomains of the same site that forward the user to the ultimate site Something looks odd about it post.. espeically since the link in your signatuer can be from the same domain because three hosts you might be questioning.. They may be links to some other sites, but one appears a REFERRAL. Make sure you explain this ASAP.

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Using links instead of includes?

Hello there, I’ve been doing web design for a small amount now but possess never really experienced any training or anything inside, so here’s precisely what I’m wondering. If you’re looking for the super-quick version you can skip to the past paragraph. Concerning a site that has many domains, but every one of them is slightly different so it isn’t a referral type thing. Think of it like a car website needed instance, coolcars. com. Following that, I would likewise own the domain names for coolfordcars. com, coolchevycars. com, and many others. Each of these pages could well be slightly different (geared when it comes to that specific car), so it’s not a matter of these all referring for the same place. Thus, now I have 100 or so domains like this. Each of them uses the identical template for diverse content. But things like the footer, the top end image bar, and many others. are all the same. Thus, the index. php file for every domain has your call to Code: include " footer. html" Now, I merely found the downside to this. I had to change the footer, so I had research into my file transfer protocol program, … Continue reading

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[Poll] Would you resell local SEO services ?

Hi many… I was talking to a great friend of my verizon prepaid phone who designs websites for small business owners. Often he is asked if he also does SEO but has not much of your clue and frankly doesn’t like performing link building or anything else… So after some pints, we created the idea of partnering using a SEO company all of us know and reselling on the white label basis their offering. We spoke to them and so they agreed to spend us 50% on a monthly basis for the internet business we send their way. Cool no So this made me consider, and I here’s posting this line to assess merely could maybe go into business offering white wine label seo expert services, so… My question to every body: Thanks for the honest feedback, (disclaimer: I won’t sell anything here… merely want your sort feedback) Vincent Nope, Operational what you offer for a service can magnify poorly or greatly with your BUSINESS. Since he SEO market is so convoluted, plus about 90% swindle, if I’d couldn’t actually do this SEO work, I wouldn’t offer it being a service, maybe referral, however again, you can hurt your primary … Continue reading

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