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To Build or Buy

I’m wanting a different proffesional website and am undecided to construct them myself. I am so good with computers but I don’t know much webdesign and I’d really like to avoid the way sites made in Frontpage ofen look bad. How long does one think it will take me in order to construct a fundamental webpage Would MY PARTNER AND I do better to engage somone I’m unclear how much they would charge. Also, I’m using the webmonkey tutorails (www. webmonkey. com) Is anyone experienced with them I’d like to know whether they are any good, as I just stumbled apon all of them. With thanks you – Sarah In my knowledge Webmonkeys tutorials became good if a little example specific. w3schools has tutorials that give an excellent grounding for most aspect of webdesign. As for whether to cover someone or young people there are many of considerations such as time to make and function that you must consider. You’ll be capable to build a respectable HTML site in a few days (maybe a bit more should you choose it properly making use of CSS etc). If you want a database driven site you could have to learn several scripting … Continue reading

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Trying to pass variable from the URL

I’ve a CGI script in which uses variables which must be passed from article to page. Merely run the CGI script, WE cannot use Node Side Includes. Currently, if I apply SSI, I cannot go a variable on the URL. I’d like to use the Apache mod_rewrite RewriteRule in order to pass a variable. The RewriteRule (a-z0-9+)/(a-z0-9+)$ $2. html E=MY_VAR: $1, L isn’t working. I’ve tried other activities, but this will be what the Apache documentation indicates is supposed to work. I’m with Apache 1. THREE OR MORE. 27 Can anyone help Please and several thanks! I remember about couple of years ago I had written a custom handler that would load pages, perform SSI in addition to allow special includes for instance results from CGI job applications and running exterior programs. Luckily I keep my old code, I used such as this: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (. +). shtml pageprocessor. plpage=$1& template=shtml How are you currently trying to move your variables Is there much script Your current regexp accumulates two lowercase alphanumeric strings seprated by way of " /" and end that has a $, then attempts to help load the file that may be supplied by cost-free item with … Continue reading

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General ? from newbie

A bit brief background first— I’m considering a career change from the world of architecture to the world of website design. I’ve done loads of graphics work ahead of, so I’ve became the visual finish down. I’ve also got a little bit experience w/ web page design — I’ve made some basic HTML sites before and one using ImageReady instruction online my school times. And so my question is— With the amount of scripting languages and also what not out there, how do you decide which one to dive into CSS appears promising… I like the idea of seperating style & content material (less code, sooner loading pages, higher search results rankings). Would I small number that w/ XHTML Or can i go with CODE & JavaScript Or what about a server-side script such as PHP Or can i just go which includes a WYSIWYG editor, for instance Dreamweaver Does Dreamweaver output decent / wash code Thanks for every and all assistance! OK, here is a quick crash lessons into what each and every ‘language’ does: XHTML and HTML: They handle content. For case, they define tables, paragraphs and headings. XHTML is really a redefinition of HTML as well as … Continue reading

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newbie questions on www programming

hello there peeps im in the beginning stages in web programming and for that reason far have read rather about html xhtml xml css, php. there has to be a good new guide site that will explain these at length that someone can certainly recommend is also html now redundant since there is xhtml and xml there has to be any point in learning html i mean like in the event you learn xml as well as xhtml does it cover many of the stuff in html code. what would be a fantastic starting point thanks for almost any replies and things XHTML is usually HTML. HTML It’s not redunant. All one does in XHTML is definitely writing HTML in a XML mannor. When you learn XHTML, then you certainly must know HTML. If you have alread read a bit, then it’s time to start out coding. It’s only through practising that you will learn the points. Just like in conversation with learn to search by reading, fat loss learn html or maybe php by simply just reading. You are related. Some good referances to have got by your side when you code are w3schools. com, the actual w3c at … Continue reading

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What does "coded" mean?

While someone asks if your web site script or even template is " coded", exactly what they talking about Anyone know Many thanks. As well as Happy New Year! Btw, February 25 is going to be my seven year anniversary being an active (but comparatively quiet) member connected with WDF! This is certainly probably my most ancient online membership identity for which I still remember the sign in information. MY SPOUSE AND I assume they necessarily mean it contains PHP scripting, and also references to variables that are inserted… as within a CMS (content management system). For a template " coded" imply to convert for you to CSS/HTML. Usually an internet site . can be produced using HTML only but i assume coded means that it also has some scripting ‘languages’ like PHPetc., CSS as well as database. coded just means that it is often coded in code.

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Book suggestions for beginners

I recognize basic html, and I’d prefer to start learning the greater advanced concepts. What book would certainly guys suggest me to have I can download Dreamweaver CS5 therefore thats what I’ll workout on. And what might be the best order to read the languages along with recommendations for books for freshies like me. Bless you HTML and CSS are definitely an important. You’ll want to educate yourself PHP and MySQL (or whatsoever database your web hosting provider uses). If you ever go to the local bookstore, you should be able to find a section with which has books for beginners on these subjects. You can make almost any website with those 4 languages. Other scripting languages that happen to be useful are javascript, jquery, ajax, and so forth. As I said, I would go purchase some beginner ebooks at your local bookstore to begin. Yep, All you should probably start with is HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. Why dont a person try a CMS software like Joomla or Drupal while in the meen time, its very easy therefore you could kick out a web site in 1 day and you will find the html knowledge you will have already would … Continue reading

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My own share button for my social network like facebook’s

Definitely guys I’m coding my very own website/social network applying notepad (text editor) within the html language and I want to find out how I can create a sort associated with text area with a button next to it to posting and share with friends such as the one on facebook or maybe myspace e. big t. c. Also, do I need for separate coding to generate a news feed from your post/share button – if you do what exactly. I’m working on the website offline and if anyone might help please kindly perform so. Thanks before hand! I’ve employed this before, nevertheless with WordPress. I suppose it usually is used with anything http: //www. addthis. com/ You’re visiting need much over just HTML for your project like this, all of the mentioned use numerous programming and scripting languages for all you different levels involving functionality. Something similar is often accomplished with CODE, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript along with a mysql db. WEB CODING and CSS may only make static sites. To make a new social network you should learn php in addition to MySQL databases, while mentioned earlier. Start off by learning HTML DOCUMENT and CSS absolutely. For a project … Continue reading

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Basic Question: "News Section" on website.

In many websites within the front page, I see a group of " news" entries inside content portion belonging to the page, usually that has a link to brief review etc. (essentially as being a blog integrated into the page). Towards the bottom there is generally a page 1, COUPLE OF, 3… and so forth for elderly entries. How is this kind of typically accomplished I’d like to be able to have current occasions continuously update-able in the back end, and also have them displayed about the front page. This is actually so common which it’s absurd i always can’t seem to get an answer by Google, lol. Any kind of info, particularly detailed replies or links to tutorials could be well appreciated. With thanks. Depending in your host, it’s both php, asp or perhaps asp. net employing a database and simpli questions. The setup any pagination script ( several premade news pieces of software have that internal ), if you aren’t familiar with an in the scripting languages, you could find some in hotscripts. com to use or see just how others are undergoing it. If your host doesnt service databases, I’ve seen some that work with flat files … Continue reading

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