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Website promotion

Hi there there guys, Please would someone be able to tell me what the very best method of promoting a web site using those engines like google so that your website gets hits, this is still all kinda new to me. Thanks in advance, Firebrand. http: //www. yahoo and google. com/addurl. html do it every day! Don’t do it too often or Google won’t index your website at all. Firebrand: there’s a simple formula and it consists of three things: 1) Submit to search engines like google once a week until your web blog gets listed on them (can persue to 2-3 months). 2) Get as many other sites which are relevant as possible to link to your site. 3) Be patient. Search engine marketing (the true SEO) is really a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating process, so be ready to devote some time and effort to your cause. Yet another tip: look at pay-per-click engines just as one source of traffic if it’s just a business site after you’ve established the average profit for each visitor (profit through website/number of visitors=average earnings per visitor. ) Welcome to the board, mind you! Some superb advice there males, I really do thankyou. … Continue reading

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form page help please…

I’ve made a form and i am ready to publish towards web. However once i do i understand this error message. Error 405 Method Prohibited The requested method POST isn’t allowed for WEB ADDRESS /mscharb/_vti_bin/shtml. exe/BookaParty. html now I’ve no vti_bin or maybe shtml. exe file upon my root server are these claims the problem If so where do you find this files to add to the server in making this form produce the exact result I want. I’ve never seen any shtml. exe file women and men template for the shape I used acquired it. You should Help Thanks in advance A. exe file is surely an executable program, no webhost would let you run a application on their equipment. If we might see the web page you’re working on it would be easier for us to provide you with what you need to do. http: //home. cogeco. ca/mscharb/BookaParty. html Recommendations the link towards form page. Thanks in your help in enhance. If you may make a mode, you need to create a script this processes it. You can apply this in PHP, amid other languages. The script you make should exist though, it can’t be Code: action=" http: … Continue reading

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HELP!!!! Cant see site on one pc but can on another !!!!

Good day, The issue i am experiencing may be the following…… Relating to a website http: //www. epsilonpsl. com this also loads my index. htm file which then redirects to http: //www. epsilonpsl. com/About_Epsilon. htm however in my pc it doesn’t work, all i get is a blank screen if it redirects, yet on another personal computer, the redirection performs fine. Why is that this Am i likely mad I need help and advice on what is causing the issue and how to correct it. Many thanks in advance. believe be amazed at what amount different browsers, browser versions, and THE GW990 effect your web-sites performance and overall look. I do believe and anyone belonging to the above things might be causing your page not to load correctly. The most likely reason is browser compatibility. Just about every browser handles javaScript in another way to. Make sure the PC’s have today’s feeting version of their particular selcted browser fitted. One method of attack could be to use a bit of browser detection first after which you can execute the suitable peice of signal for whichever browser an individual is viewing your blog with. We are using IE6 in both PC’s, … Continue reading

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Uploading Frontpage Themes HELP Req Pls

Hi there all, We would like some help. I’ve recently set up my own website. I designed the website in MS Frontpage. For the reason that web hosting isn’t going to support frontpage extensions, I’ve uploaded through Lovable FTP. I’ve used a motif for my internet pages, yet when We have uploaded my internet pages, the theme doesn’t show online and I don’t know why. Can anyone help. PS sorry in the event I’m not explaining myself perfectly…. I am a whole novice. Thanks in advance, Universe are you uploading all of the image files which opt for your page can u exhibit me a connect to ur page precisely as it is Yes, I tried uploading many of the derived image files that went with the theme and also copied them directly into my main folder upon explorer ‘just throughout case’ Consequently the net components that I included in front page, for example page banner and buttons don’t job either…. this is why you may notice the site it’s in basic formatting. internet. sarahandgary. co. uk Thanks in advance for your guide. Universe xx To aid I have added a web component to your index page…. its definately not … Continue reading

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How do I create a Guestbook in Dreamweaver MX

Every ideas what I really could do for this…. I currently make use of Bravenet as WE haven’t got some sort of clue really…. In my dreamweaver book it says concerning adding scripts which you need to get from your web host company… Gives thanks in advance Galaxy u want help adding ur rule Galaxyblue if u post ur signal on here and the page u are interested on i’ll put it for ya Sorry, forgive me Kirman, but I’m uncertain what you signify by code < Inserts novice developer smilie> A guestbook would need to be written inside a language other as compared with HTML. Dreamweaver will shade code php for yourself, but you have to enter it yourself (and know it). Consult your hosts concerning what Server Aspect languages they assistance. Then check out and about www. hotscripts. com. They have alot of prewritten scripts that you could use. most guestbooks job by connecting to database stored on a web server. When you view the guestbook this server opens the particular database, grabs all records and sends back a HTML site which displays all those meals neatly. Similarily, when you sign the guestbook, you have a HTML type … Continue reading

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ideas for a subject

Hey there, I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is. In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements! Li Brad well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no … Continue reading

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newb Q: images split up into tables

the key reason why do some pages have images/banners which have been divided up directly into tables what are advantages does the particular page load quciker and just how do i recreate that in dreamweaver im betting that its to do with the split device in photoshop basically i dont understand what they are, what they’re for and how to make ’em thanks in advance phil Several years ago, if you split images along the major lines involving color division, you could reduce file size significantly. Also, by means of splitting the photograph into multiple items, it could end up being assembled one piece at a time so that psychologically, the page doesn’t take so long to load. Those rules don’t apply the maximum amount today, because obtain speeds are considerably faster. If you could do it, though, make sure you specify a for your so that page doesn’t perform the " stretch and squeeze" consequence when loading. While using the slice tool throughout photoshop. Why people love doing this, are mainly the belief that you can create any design possible, this looks great, as opposed to having to pattern in boring platforms. When you slice up the particular image, … Continue reading

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URL Cloaking, Not Working With JavaScript????

Hi every one, i an new to the site, and would love a little assistance, i have written a javascript file for any drop down food selection written entirely through html…………… but………….. the entire links in that JS are relative… i. e. ‘packages. htm’ certainly not http: //www. blah. net/packages but all of them seem to display the real address. But All of the links in dreamweaver cloak fine and they are relative, can any one help here gives thanks in advance andy PS. javascript track attached.

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How to get started in web development?

Hi there, I’m new to this forum. I know this question may have been asked hundreds with times but I still should ask it. I’m 17 years old and We are considering a profession in web advancement. What I’d like to know will be what courses with study are recommended to begin with in this field Until now I have completed courses in Computer system repairs and Networking, A+, Cambridge THE ITEM Skills and a Introduction to Internet business and Computer Know-how. I’m considering doing your Bsc. of Calculating & Information Systems but I don’t know if this can be a right path WE should take. I’ve a basic knowledge of HTML and was currently experimenting by using Macromedia MX Studio. Any help we can get is going to be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phpt=9385& highlight=Web* design and style career Look into that link. Having courses doesn’t neccessarily give you the knowledge. You might want to get some sites under your belt, and try and get extensive by using CSS and WEB CODING. From there you can start work learning languages such as PHP, ASP, JavaScript. thanks for your reply, i’ll look into the link.

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Discussion Boards

Hello there board, I’m a new here and to start with I want that will congratulate you on the great site – I just know that I’m visiting learn heaps regarding stuff from you guys! I’m about to add a discussion board to my website, but own never done this specific before. Do any of you’ve got advice on the most effective ones to utilize, along with associated costs. Thanks in advance P Expense: Free Look at Invision Power Table, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, UBB PHPbb is definitely the best snowboard http: //www. phpbb. com there’re coming out with all the new version in the near future, test are accomplished at http: //area51. phpbb. com and visit ‘dev board’ Thanks GeZe – that looks like exactly what I’m trying to find: classic:

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