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Designing For A Living

I thought We would start this thread because I had been wondering who exactly about this forum does web designing for any living. I am only 15 years of age and am looking towards webdesign for the possible carrear, and Im continually being told in which there is a handsome profit involved with webdesign. Then again, this forum in this article and other on the internet has thousands and a large number of webdesigners on these people, and it cause you to be think by the time I am definitely old enough to try and do it as a full time income, (after college and university) if you experience still going in the form of big demmand with regard to websites. It appears pretty much every one of the companies are jumping to the band wagon now, and Im worried by the time I’m doing what I adore to do for any living, there will probably be no work What do most of you guys think about this Am MY PARTNER AND I right in thinking that it will have a small demmand to get sites in some three years time becuse everyone has one Or even will it get … Continue reading

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