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Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral) aid WHat would you like to do Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place yeh Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page! hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean this is what i have regarding my error handle: Code: # # 1) ordinary text ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 – The node made a boo boo. # n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output # # 2) local redirects ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url # to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page #ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl # N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes. # # 3) external redirects ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 – Messed ” up “, sorry # N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original # request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script. is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error … Continue reading

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free map (static, not searches) ???

Will there be a resource where I will get a free map to a single location regarding my site Head over to MapQuest, type within the address of the location you want, and then bookmark the url of the map returned. Viola, cost-free map. Be sure to at least supply credit to MapQuest. You should truly ask them whenever you can use the map, too, for your website (they’d probably declare yes since I’m guessing that is the personal site). That was the worry, POST shouldn’t assume, but I thought undoubtably a place like MapQuest wasn’t gonna give it away totally free, so to talk. It really is actually for directions to an art gallery, so I should have specified that within the post, it’s absolutely no multinational corporation, nonetheless it is nonetheless a business. Might as well head to the source, many thanks guys. You can always provide a chek out MapQuest with a person’s address encoded inside URL. Then people could manipulate the map themselves also Cool, people adore to play with things, thanks Turtle.

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I kno its wrong

(please really don’t ban me due to this post) I downloaded a test of namo world wide web editor 5. 5 full version with the animation tools, picture slicer, and webcanvas for just a free 30 daytime trial period. consequently i used this to edit the website, then following the 30 days them wouldnt run hence i reinstalled the item, but they had some sort of program or script which knew who’s wasnt initially that it was installed. So i bought quite angry and started searching the online for how in order to reinstall namo webeditor FIVE. 5 trial i found no results ; however , i came across an online site which had a url to ************* i clicked it downloaded the program and ran it while in the **********directory.. consequently its tricked this pcrogram into thinking that it’s just a fully registerd course, and im having free updates for this as well. It also has removed every one of the blocks on the trial and i will use every characteristic.. There’s no doubt that that is amazing but i would also like for you to kno, is this a regulr thing Folks dowloading software along with cracking it … Continue reading

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How can I get my site on search engines?

I’ve truly had my site up for more then a month also it hasn’t appeared on any search engines like yahoo. I also sent in it to yahoo and google under there submit a website section. How can I get it to show up in the major search engines Patience. That’s the name on the game. This tutorial on Search engine marketing will help people out too. Well it can be just a very simple site http: //www. davart. us/ and http: //www. davartny. com/. It only possesses one page no other sites really url to it. I just want it to come up on search engines while someone types around ‘davart’.

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Link in sgnature: How To??

Just how do i create a hyper website link in my signature following Instead of just typing the complete URL in WHEN I tried < a new href=" http: //www. the_site. com" > The particular Site< /a> but it didn’t work. Any individual know the key Reedly url=http: //www. the_site. comMy Link/ web address (w/out spaces within the things) Thanks a large amount Brak! WHEN I learned something I am going to use forever today!! Gives thanks again, Reedly lol… you’re welcome Do you have been completely from Reedly, CA by means of any chance ‘ ha… I’d never heard associated with Reedly, CA… but I only looked for it on the internet, and found that the good news is Reedley in CA. Woooo-Hoooo! It’s actually various my first in addition to last name, although that’s hilarious! Afterwards! Brak…. Also yeah… I’m basically from Nashville, TN. Nicely… originally Wisconsin, about 5 typical. You.

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Dreamweaver MX localhost problem??

We are having a challenge getting IIS in order to properly map my own web root. I’m using DWMX and possess never had this challenge beofre. I’ve always used (on similar machine) F: /SITES/the site for the reason that local storage area after which it C: /localhost/Webs/the site for the reason that testing server. the positioning = the name belonging to the current project (e. he. Car Company). While i preview the web site from dreamweaver, IE/IIS attempts to look for the site while in the /localhost/ directory Besides the /localhost/SITES/car organization. Everthing will be configured properly with DWMX. If I check out http: //localhost/SITES/trace. aspx, the page runs without any problems — hence the server end would seem ok. We can even get that will http: //localhost/SITES/Car Company/index. aspx but none from the graphics load. Easily hover the mouse with the graphics quickly, I see from the status bar how the URL is /localhost/images/car1. gif As an alternative to /localhost/SITES/images/car1. gif. For some reason the url is usually leaving out that " second level" with mapping. I’ve been using DWMX for a little bit and I’ve never had this challenge before. Intended for whatever it’s worthy of, this is … Continue reading

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Flash vs Video on a web site?

We have a web site that needs brightening up rather. They page this needs something performing to it is to do with building and the creation analysts. So which would be your best choice with this: Using Flash features to illustrate the construction of an building or employing a small video clip on the loop to show the same thing Also can everyone identify what the advantages and drawbacks are of both I believe you very much for anyone your help. Newboy MOB. If you posted a url to the page we could take a peek and get a more rewarding idea of what the needs you have are, its always a little hard to take action with only wording. As for advantages and drawbacks, well both will require plug-ins, but Flash is definitely Flash, most individuals have this. Nonetheless, with videos you can find multitudes of file formats to choose from, and to be honest once i try and get a video and also Im told You want some new marketing player on an upgrade, I ordinarily dont bother. Also Flash files will tend to be smaller, and chhew up less data transfer.

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Hello – sorry if this may be posted before… I’ve had a few searches, but I apparently get millions connected with random results, so I’m enjoying a bit stuck these… Just wondering if you’re able to point me to help any info on a) How to stick script with a site telling the browser to increase the url with their favourites list after clicking for a suitable link around the page. and b) How to insert an image (representing your site) beside the site’s list, as this website does. Cheers for virtually any help in progress! http: //hotwired. lycos. com/webmonkey/01/18/index1a. htmltw=design Lying, cheers!!

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Stupid Bg Question

Hello there I merely have a easy question to consult, how are that backgrounds that include a gradient created is he / she simply a big image set as being the background would this specific not drastically influence speed! The green during this site for model: http: //www. wcdarchives. com/bluffgear/ I would like to know how when post shrink the window gradient still stays intact is this some kind of html Regards i think he / she just creates and image that’s the size of the sides after which you can puts it during each side with the table in the middle. This is probly how We would do it! I dont think so the reason when you resize the particular window the impression changes cant learn how to word what i am talking about here’s your image http: //www. wcdarchives. com/bluffgear/images/bg. gif check the code to determine what he does with it This is extremely easy to accomplish: just create an image using a gradient of a color within your choice. It only need to be like 10px extensive max, to keep your filesize down, as well as height is just contingent on how gradual you wish the color … Continue reading

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How not to show the url when a website is redirected

I have a website that’s hosted on my personal server, but the website isn’t pointed towards it and it is redirected. So what i might like to do is if this particular website is www. theirsite. com and it is redirected to online world. oursite. com/theirsite just how do i get the url to settle as www. theirsite. com Im assuming you’re discussing getting the URL inside the address bar to say www. theirsite. com if you are actually at online world. oursite. com/theirsite indeed The only way We can think of doing this is using a new frameset to connection to www. oursite. com/theirsite. The particular index page at theirsite. com may be as simple because this Code: < html> < frameset cols=" *" > < shape src=" http: //www. oursite. com/theirsite" > < /frameset> < /html> Frames aren’t good for engines like google remember, in this situation where they are worried theirsite. com includes no content along with wouldn’t be ranked well. IIRC, that you can do this with. htaccess, but I’d do make certain they are of WDF to be certain. Thanks guys, I’ll check that out This could help: htAccess Generater Tryout.

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