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What are your favorite e-com sites?

Without doubt eveyone, We are working on a niche site right now with regard to my employer and I always find a way to get stuck around the content portion of the homepage. I could make a relatively good looking site (imo) but what ultimately ends up happening is we have all that design around an important blank white space the place that the content should often be. Should you would be so kind I’d like it if you should list for me your chosen e-commerce sites. I’m trying to find ideas on the way to present the written content. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Chelsea. do a search for a number of the major players around like www. staples. com and also www. kmart. com — post wouldnt copy at this time there site but work with it as a manual. You know I hadn’t talked about that, the website of physical suppliers. Good idea.

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1024×768 and 800×600 question

WE made my initial site… just starting to read this stuff! The deal is while i view it applying 1024×768 it seems to be great…. but merely switch to 800×600 it has the terrible! Everything is huge and you must scroll forever to check out things. I used fireworks to try and do the graphics and dreamweaver that will put it together…… anything I could do to ensure it is look good in both resolutions Furthermore… if I’m designing my site applying fireworks then slicing it as long as export to dreamweaver… just what exactly good canvas size align it to formerly Thanks for every help or source! Design it to ensure the site is not bigger than related to 769 pixels, to ensure it fits in every resolutions, or nonetheless, you could create a ‘liquid’ design. In case you make your web-site 780 pixels extensive, it will cover bulk of the screen with 800×600, and still look great on larger file sizes. Most likely your site is too vast and thats the condition. You’ll need to produce it narrower. Another angle taking when designing sites would be to make them 100% thicker, but that can get confusing sometimes. Everyone. … Continue reading

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How do I do this>

I’m looking to create a innovative website. Because I’m a marketer I want to have the ability to create a Text Headline in the very top of the page without having a banner or a few other distraction that would take away from the head line message. I’m considering something like this. I want any minimalist, non-distracting, classy look that lots quickly. I’m thinking a great deal of white space (the background) when using the logo/buttons in grays, doldrums, or whatever could possibly be non distractive for the page’s editorial subject material. The property page (& I guess all the pages) might seem like this… 3 cells vertically; the side panels could well be narrower than this center panel (which is where the primary text can be displayed. Imagine a large " T" for a page. The horizontal component of the T would certainly contain the topic taking up almost all of the top part in the page. Below the topic (what I phone the horizontal portion of the T) could well be 3 panels. The left panel would contain a logo somewhere at the top left quadrant and site links. The ideal panel would have various other sales copy. … Continue reading

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Site Redesign Mockup – Round 3

Well it’s returning, my attempt at wanting to redesign my website; part twois. online world. fmdstudios. com/Redesigns/index. asp Often be Gentle. Might we ever often be anything but gentle The design iself is wonderful, but the blockiness and size in the body text is actually what really places me off. I’m also not thinking about the header tags you have to be honest, perhaps lowering the actual font size general, and adding spaces towards your headers would enhance it, Sure, I see exactly what you mean; the text may be a little block, I’m unsure why I decided Geneva tbh C Verdana may possibly be better WE suppose. As for that headers I plan to get rid of the Trebuchet MICROSOFT and replace it using a much more elegant TypeFace. Thanks for that feedback justlivyalife I’ve attached a number of images showing conjunction problems… For anyone who is customizing the W3C switches yourself, consider using a bitmap font as well as a cleaer choice, becasue it’s challenging to read. Everyone idealy need far more white space all around left-side content obstruct, it’s too bunched togeather. The leading header image (green one) looks some what dull & corny. Unless you place … Continue reading

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Slicing & Searchability

I am trying to reprogram a website without knowing much about programming. My first big hurdle was turning a niche site designed in illustrator into the proper website, which I did by slicing inside fireworks, but then came the challenge of searchability. Because the text was a great gif image it turned out n’t searchable. What I finished up doing was obtaining the image in addition to inserting text in dreamweaver. Since the text is now in the physique, is this searchable And in addition, there is a great deal of white space while in the site, which as a consequence of my settings plus slicing made all of them into blank white gif images. Does this effect coursesmart negatively Does it take more time to load If and also, do I just simply delete the images and will that have just about any possible negative effect Thanks so much in advance. oh yea, the site can be www. newjerseyhairtransplants. com You did good if you take text right out the images and only typing it in. It will become searchable. Short answer – yes it will eventually take more occasion to load. Employing single color. gif’s though shouldn’t allow … Continue reading

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Effective Design

What makes the best design What types of things do you like in layouts, artwork, logos, commercials, taglines, anything Views only, of course. Where is this coming from! I became reading a line somewhere today when somebody mentioned Quizno’s. For those of you who aren’t experienced with Quizno’s, it’s a sandwhich place in the us and Canada, the commercials are for instance, " Mmm toasty. " But here’s what I’m keen about Quizno’s, as being a designer: They seriously utilize the QUEEN! On their internet site, they use its shape as being a quotation bubble. If you eat-in at one of many stores, the plate is shaped as the same Q. What else might you want from a new logo! I’m just curious what others like What’s powerful I’m keen smart. Brand-new seen the new line of Miller Lite Ads The place that the referees go all around and replace Bud Light source with Miller lite, labelling fouls like " Intentional taste mask" and also " Illegal technique handtruck. " Love them. Brand-new seen the new Bud Light Adverts in response Love them more. These are smarter. What I’m keen, is something of which gets the message across easily & … Continue reading

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Simple Table Issue

Hello there, all Concerning a question that’s confounding me < family table background=" productback. jpg" width=" 700" align=" center" border=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" great gridx=" 16" gridy=" 16" height=" 386" showgridx showgridy usegridx usegridy> the above distinct code displays the specified background image from the table when charged into safari but not in IE. Any body have easy answer I sure don’t. Concerning tried everything coming from inserting image right into a < td> tag along with setting up some sort of < style> and then accessing it along with setting the background to your style in the particular table itself. I’m sure there are people today way better during this than me and We were hoping some one would be willing to help you. Thanks for just about any help! Have you try: < td style=" track record: url(‘productback. jpg’) prime left no-repeat #fff; " width=" 700" align=" center" border=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" great gridx=" 16" gridy=" 16" height=" 386" showgridx showgridy usegridx usegridy> I do not know what the gridx or gridy stuff can be, but it looks that everything was in order. ‘s your image in similar directory as the actual HTML file … Continue reading

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Dumb question, CSS layer styles

I built a internet page at 800×600. I’m trying to figure out how it is I will get the content/layout to become centered, that way when people perspective the page at say 1024×768, the content will not stretch leaving this page with a lot of white space. Like like if an individual made everything from a table and just did a centre alignment. Here’s a check out what I have got. https: //home. comcast. net/jerrysmartin The navigation about the left stays into the left and the flash within the right stays justified to the right. The content is with a div. I’d want to have it ready to where it’ll look uniform in whatever resolution. Bless you. -Mike You might even make your screaming image width = 760 pixels. Next, make a several changes as demonstrated below… Here i will discuss your CSS part for " body" shape background-image: url(images/background. jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; margin: 0px; support: 0px; Try changing it for this: code, body background-image: url(images/background. jpg); cursor: default; font-family: " Verdana", arial, " MS Sans Serif", Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: normal; font-size: 10px; line-height: normal; margin: auto; support: 0px 0px 0px 0px; min-width: 760px; text-align: centre; Next, add this to … Continue reading

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Need help identifying an IE problem

Hey all… I’m new these but I’m getting yourself into doing a reasonable amount of web designing so Lets hope to hang out here considerably and both know and help where We can. At least, I was planning someone could support me solve a dilemma with this internet site. As well as looks as it is intended in Firefox which has no problem. However, with IE, a thin whitened line appears above your property picture. This is true of IE6 and IE7. But in IE6 another highlight is a while range that appears below the logo bar and search listings area that actually creates a separate in my backdrop image. This lower white line doesn’t appear in IE7 with the exception of one page of the site. Weird, eh The lower whitened line that is found in IE6 and around the one page associated with IE7, is actually in some way affecting the background image of the main container. The actual background image have to repeat without destroys. Information link to my css code, too. If anyone may offer any suggestions, I’d be most appreciative as Concerning been pulling my own hair out attempting to troubleshoot this a single. Here’s … Continue reading

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