Testing a social networking type site

Hey guys We need some help obtaining a server where I could fully test a social networking kind of web page. My friend just lately started it back again and hes changing it to current. He and I would like to fully test it with all connected with its functions like sign up, login, uploading products, etc. Does anyone know a spot were we can do that

Have a shot at: http: //www. hostmantis. com
rapidly servers and rapid support

Thanks but We were looking for something free only for testing.

Hang on and I call a buddy and wake the girl lazy rear up and ask her who the girl test with.

Searching for cpanel connected with will a host admin panel be right for you I do get her awake now>

Fine thanks man.

Do that one, she states that they’ve worked properly for her.

http: //www. freehostingcloud. com/

Alright i’l do that when I have time. Thanks.

You happen to be welcome.

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