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Alright, I’m working on the single page internet site. I want to own a background graphic with text within various places round the page. This wording, hopefully, will live in the exact spot regardless of the monitor size or browser getting used. Also, the text will connection to other pages which will open in small turn up windows (I figured out that part). Does anyone have ideas as to how sometimes it is accomplished

The keeping the exact spot is usually a problem. What transpires if someone is definitely using
the 15inch monitor, and another is employing a 20inch monitor. In addition, the resolution of these video.

Can you mean your back links squish together and spread apart, or is the background fixed

I wonder in case you are spending way too much time on something will not contribute to the net site.
Why not just display this links where people can potentially click on them
And consider iPad, laptops, netbooks, people with a couple of 20-inch monitors side by side… etc.

Confidence me, nobody cares about you how " cool" you may make your links… it’s about content.

you might do an GOOD OLD SCHOOL image map…

yet again, you’re going to run into issues between mobile devices and wide Tv screen monitors…

someone is gonna must scroll

Thank you guys, I decided to go with a image map. The whole point of the site is the hyperlinks and where they’re just positioned, I feel I’ve figured the item out. Thank anyone again!

Be sure you test with Safari and also Chrome… as nicely as Firefox and IE (6, 6, 8 and 9).

Unclear what your site is about, or why you need to do the backdrop with links,
but also know you could use PHP to position text or additional graphics onto any image,
at any location on the image. Something and keep in the back within your mind if you need
go them around by simply X and FUL locations read from a database. Depending how intense
the visits or refresh is, PHP is usually an option for background scenes that don’t change too often.

Should you did the HTML DOCUMENT image mapping… I wonder if that will disappear (go obsolete) rather soon

Shouldn’t be deprecated out merely yet,

I guess yet another option ( since I think over it ), do everything like a percentage, set this links in divs, make them a percentage in addition…. Could accomplish some interesting hover effects to the links… Say probably… Some semi transparent backgrounds…

Sounds interesting… May need to play with the particular one…

I wish the OP would supply us a connection to the site. It could be interesting to see
the reason for doing all of your. How much time to spend on this OR the purpose.
If it’s actually a key part belonging to the site, so be it… but let’s find the URL you should.

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