Text Problem with dreamweaver 8

howdy all,

I obtained a problem the following. I used Dreamweaver EIGHT when make this design, but you can find sometimes when my partner and i couldn’t change the font type, or my range of my font wouldn’t appear. If anyone meet a similar problem

I think you’ll need to ellaborate more. Are you saying you are receiving an issue having web safe fonts… or all fonts on the whole in DW

Thank you ETM..
Almost all problem is when using the " Bold" sort..
each one of my font is definitely become " Bold" sort, and i don’t click the " Bold" press button..

Honestly, we’ll aim to help but we need Ideas. Is this just in Dreamweaver, or does it appear like that in the particular browser as well Do you have links or images you can easlily see for instance Do yo obtain any errors Are you currently using CSS to help format your wording etc etc

Can you posting your page code to check out.

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