The "design process" for noobs.

Hello there all.

We’ve only been building websites for about two weeks right now, am teaching by myself and am improving slowly, but obviously with only two months experience iIm very terrible atm.

What I found hardest and I couldn’t often fin any info anywhere which was detailed enough was your whole process.

What I’m keen on, (because if other new members come here intended for help like I did, this may end up being of use) is what you decide to do first, next, there after and last and so on. Start to surface.

The first website I made, and I have to stress, this is obviously the incorrect way to exercise, but for an idea:

MY PARTNER AND I designed my site in photoshop, did every very last element there besides the text.
Next I divided it up in photoshop and exported it to some html file ready for easy use in dreamweaver.
In dreamweaver I made every one of the images background images while in the ready made desk then added all of my text articles and made the particular rollover images to the menu bar, repeating this method for each page of my site.
Next I bought my website name and webhost in addition to used filezilla to FTP every one of the created website data files to my sponsor and " pointed" my host for the files.
I am just still not concluded the website, but it was my process.

I am just very interested what exactly the " proper" process is for the more experienced.

Allow me to see it being help not exclusively to myself yet to new web site designers too.


Aquiring a process to follow really can help you steer clear of errors and time-consuming " busywork".
There is an excellent article HERE that can lead you throughout the process from the start to the conclude, from what to be able to ask your client to how you can promote the site once these have gone " live".

I start using a checklist myself – there are over 100 objects on it, since I often add things once I’ve encountered these people, but I’ll duplicate a basic reduced version here:

Hope this helps – and when anyone has stuff to include in my list I’ll appreciate it!

I establish what image the customer wants and what exactly message the website has to get across.

MY PARTNER AND I do several models in Fireworks, find my favourite.

Then choose keywords for every page based upon with the multitude of how frequently just about every keyword is found (used to use google keywords tool) and how competitive the idea is to flourish at (use the Google page rank tool on the particular Google toolbar to secure a very rough idea).

Then write the content for every page bearing keywords planned.

Then I use Expression to value the site bearing in mind keywords for every single page – WE size each photo in Fireworks as well as just save images within the Expression directory.

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