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Im curently developing a concept for a site. I have an apparent veiw of what i’d like to see it to come to be. Unfortunatly my web development skills are very poor.

I want that can put a table with a page that i will changed on any weekly basis basically ( i don’t know about computer language) does someone need a database or there has to be other options

please note: the table will contain statistical facts on football squads.

You could revise it manually (as in build a page and revise it), which would probably be the way in the brief run… but overall would take more to update and also create more rule errors.

The best way would be to produce a database or perhaps an XML file (database is much easier) and now have it outputted because you update things.

there problem i’ve is i cant prepare in code hence changing information which available for you may take seconds to me a lifetime this xlm file internet marketing right in thinking i will up date information simply using software which experts claim will then update your website

The only way you’re gonna do that is if you have a database correctly. And in order to obtain a database hard, you’re going to need to do some programming (or get really lucky and discover a script specifically designed to what you’re doing, but that’s unlikely along with a risky proposition).

Thus… your answer, approximately it will probably suck that you hear, is to how to code. Whether it’s standard HTML or you graduate to a server-side programming words, you’re going to have to learn. That’s how we all get good at everything in lifetime… none of us began knowing anything about web page design, and there will be some really wise people here. So make the purchase anyway… get your understanding on.

I majored in operation and finance this can be my area of expertise I have a business model which can be sound. i hold the market niches pin number down. I hold the affiliates necassary to create the site profitable. I dont intend to how to do develop websites just yet. Time is money and inside the time it takes me to learn, chances are your boats left port so ill employ somebody who’s a specialist in this field to do the work to me. The best solution to get ahead in life could be to know your restrictions and aquire understanding from anywhere feasible. A business is only as well as its personel. A one person band can make a living but he’ll for no reason acheive his full potential for a lone ranger.

Im simply seeking to put a graphic into words I understand what I want I dont discover how to ask in the proper terminology.

You need a database in order to populate the dining room table… Updating will be done by way of a " admin console"

Since I’m assuming there may be some various other information… Besides this table… Managing this facts would also be done with the console.

Possibly this really is done from a new CMS content managent program like joomla, hubpages, drupal… Or perhaps a custom built….

cheers fantastic answer

difficulty 2

will i be capable of incorporate programs in this system for example i wish to accomplish a head to directly two football teams. I need for you to extrapolate data on the database from equally team thus giving me two prospect lists of statistics alongside thus making quotes easy.

if every one of the data is in the database….

one time it’s there… you can do pretty much anything you desire with that facts…

depending on how the DB is setup, ( composition wise )… that would have been a very simple query

My mistake. The way MY PARTNER AND I interpreted what you’re saying is that you just were looking to how to do this. But if you’re looking for someone to assist you to and you’re prepared pay them, we do possess a marketplace for this particular. I can move this thread there in order.

The one thing I want to be aware of, though, is if this relates to gambling or simply statistics. If this relates to gambling, this may pose a worry with the webmasters as they may have an issue using bandwidth provider as well as gambling sites. I’m unsure on this, nevertheless.

Wonderful delighted days

MY PARTNER AND I figured as much

everythings easy when u realize how

ok ball meadow figure what would one expect to pay extra for something like that to get set up having into consideration your database would include a page for twenty teams while using the same fields for each team thus creating comparisons simplistic.

Its related to gambling. Ive never had the oppertunity to understand how lots of people can spend A huge number of man hours developing stats for very little financial gain seems madness in my opinion.

also how tough would it be in making it read just text.

Very little worries GAME… Thought about a completely different answer at heart when I initial read the place… it took me once or twice to interpret it how I did…

Unlike in the west cost…. it would be hard to even commence to give you a realistic estimate… while only thinking of 1 piece of the puzzle…. and depending on the rest of these… you can spend as much or as low as you want…

Since you said…. " everyone majored in business"… but component of this business is knowing what inquiries to ask… to acquire the whole picture….

JUST ONE. Assume there is a few other information besides the particular " table comparing data" is there
TWO. Is all the info going to be designed to everyone or do users have to register and login after which " their data" can be obtained to only these
3. Do you need to save their " comparisons" regarding historical reference
5. Any kind regarding " help / instructions" regarding users
YOUR FIVE. Legal considerations ( because TheGame mentioned )
8. If personal data will probably be collected… how are you wanting to secure this
SEVEN. Contractual " assistance agreements"
NINE. Management " data" different information on internet site

how do you mean " examine only text"….

text displayed using a web page ( static or dynamic ) is definitely read only… text inside the DB can always be updated by ( whomever )

ive performed a mock way up. freetips. eu every one of the stats are older now but might be it ll give u the gist.

TWO. will need for you to register & login
3. no<br /

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