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Hola fellow website designers

I’m admittedly somewhat fresh to site design and get uploaded the list. html file to be able to my host device.

Once i go to open the positioning from my cell phone browser by typing inside url, it shows me a 404 error.
Once i type in that website name/index. html, it brings ” up ” the website.

Just what exactly folder does the index. html should be in so so it brings up the website without users requiring you to type: www. xxxxxxx. com/index. html

The folder you have it in right now. It sounds like you’ve got it uploaded accurately, but it’s a server configuration concern.

Attempt renaming index. html to index. htm (no L). and examine if that works. You can also try default. html and default. htm, despite the fact that those are longshots. In that case, index. html isn’t considered a default page for ones website. If not necessarily, you’ll have to contact your site’s host and inform them the issue.

Either way, it doesn’t sound around the surface like a person did anything completely wrong.

place index. html in this public_html folder

I think he already would have done that. In any other case, index. html wouldn’t have got showed up within a browser, would that

You’re perfect TheGame, missed in which! Could a. htaccess file be messing using the directories

Attempt TheGames’s suggestion with default. html or perhaps try home. html
Well worth a shot striving.

Oh sure. Home too. (Not a Linux guy. )

Used to do all the possible variations lastly filed a ticket on it. They went within and studied your situation and said that the htaccess was typed in wrong, which, oddly, I had carried out, to the TO, exactly like its tutorial video asked set it up.

Also well, its being employed now. I treasure your suggestion to just get assist. lol.. Your insight and suggestions were being much appreciated!!

When you can, keep the aged. htaccess file (rename that to something else), download the newest one, and compare both. Maybe you’ll observe your mistake (if you made one).

i am new in designing. but i didnt face that problem. what the heck is your server particular

I feel with bluehost. His or her support seems speedy, friendly and obliging…

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