The "Posts You Should Read" thread

Since several of intelligent comments made that may easily be considered and interpreted of their own context, I’m starting any thread for threads that everyone should read sometime, if for absolutely no other reason approach insights they present.

I’m gonna start this line off with a good example from delstu:

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/thre… -up-on-when-doing-research. 33264/#post-207681

Excellent point about realizing niches and opposition. There are way too many people that target hypercompetitive, oversaturated markets in addition to delstu explains in the concise way will falling into which trap.

So there’s your case in point. And here will be the rules for this kind of thread (I produced it, so i arrive at define the rules for it):

1) Don’t nominate your own post (that’s only egomaniacal and silly).

2) Once you nominate the post, please explain to others what they are reading and why jointly read it. It doesn’t end up being a long diatribe (that probably happens in the thread anyway). Just the post and a relatively short reason.

3) Once you link to the particular post itself, aim to use the permalink. The permalink shall be provided in the bottom right corner but will look like that: #(number). It’s beside the " Like" /" Reply" hyperlinks. In the case in point I posted over, delstu’s comment is actually #5. If you can’t, I can accurate it, but it’ll be much more awesome in the event you could.

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