Throwing a Google analytics troubleshooting Q out there…

Without doubt guys

I know this is a web design forum not really a web analytics forum but i likewise know you guys is a knowledgeable bunch

Could anyone who has had similar practical knowledge shed some light with this:

" Good day all

Would really enjoy some help as We are meant to become providing monthly accounts to my owner, on this internet site: http: //www. printdirections. company. uk

My personal analytics reports are generally showing no visits/data since March 7th. I know for sure organizations people visiting – as I me personally have visited to help update the web page.

GA affirms receiving data very good, and Ive checked and yes it looks like your tracking code is actually installed successfully (also checked this is actually the correct code because of this specific website profile) and also it’s directly listed below the closing < /head> tag – the following hasn’t moved for a long time and ages, and it really is been fine in the past.

Relating to a. htaccess file from the root, but most this says is actually " Redirect /cn http: //www. chinawebdesign. company. uk/index. php" this also has never been an issue to GA administering before.

I can’t imagine what else to troubleshoot/try or tips on how to solve this"

(originally posted here: http: //www. search engine. com/support/forum/p/Google Analytics/threadtid=07c73b538d6bd733& hl=en)

Thank you!!

Wrong following id, maybe I’ve seen that.

The tracking code should also go in the actual footer, just below your body tag.

Yep i thought WE must’ve done of which too, but I double(triple) checked to be sure I wasn’t gonna finish up feeling a right idiot without having stats lol..

Maybe to your insight look here within the Google Forum exactly where i initially posted: http: //www. search engine. com/support/forum… 33& hl=en& fid=07c73b538d6bd7330004a1552a91691a

Someone here suggests it’s to do with filters. Thought convey else experiencing this issue, or to aid answer my concern here, it may be useful

So you wouldn’t put the javascript code at the bottom of your net page

Just like " Game" affirms.. remove it from the top and place it at bottom.
I put mine right before the < /body> tag… at the bottom of your page.

Take care of that first, and wait a day to discover what happens.

It could are related with filters, but then you’d pretty much have to filter out everything to get no traffic whatsoever, or at least filter out your office after which your site must receive no targeted visitors from external places.

Clear the filters if you’d like, but then in case you still see absolutely no traffic, it’s one thing else.

Thank you theGAME. So i’ve just revisit this issue, it’s true ive removed the filters and also added the tracking code prior to < /body>

im now a bit concerned though as i’ve 2 instances of the tracking code. ive accompanied instructions from in other places and kept that tracking code prior to < /head> in addition.

can anyone clarify if this is certainly ok

You can just have the tracking code in one place – You might want to follow TheGame’s guidance leave it end of it of the site and remove another one.

What the Mare explained. If you read the docs with regard to Analytics, just ahead of < /body> is the recommended placement, adequate good reason… it allows the remaining site to load first then the Analytics, even though it’s asynchronous (or hence Google will say to us).

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