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May anyone help my family with is problem Without question that most people avoid their browser deal with bar, they basically ‘Google it’. However, when I do this to check among my sites while using fairly new. corp tld, google suggests using. co. britain. Why And how one can get around this specific please

Gives thanks

You can’t.

Google suggest is investigating a long historical past of previous successful searches that have been made.

WHEN I doubt google will modify it, because there are several sites that perform end in. corp. uk, ‘. corp. cn,. co. jp…. And also on and about and on.

Sorry if it’s actually not the answer you would like to hear… A little good news though… You have a built in measuring guage… In a given period you search in your domain name online… And it does not suggest. co. britain, then you’ve picked up enough people hunting for your site in addition to clicking on links to receive there for google to eliminate the suggest for ones site.

Thanks with the reply. Good aged G eh. I do think I’ll just get away from the. co TLD’s alone later on.

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