To use wordpress themes or not that is the question!

Acquiring been tought how to web design the good old fashioned technique ie fireworks along with dreamweaver etc. Should I conform and surrender and use an attractive pre made wordpress theme It appears as though useing a theme if you ask me is cheating in ways…

After browsing a number of freelance sites We have noticed that a number of the ads look for someone who is aware of WordPress. I have no idea of anything about Live journal. I’ve read somewhat about what ?t had been, but I haven’t retained the data. However, seeing as how popular it is with clients We would say it’s worthy of investing my time in learning about it/utilizing the item.

Money talks.

Examine it this method… if you utilize a theme as a designer, it’s simply a matter of time before a competing designer sees the actual theme, recognizes it in addition to calls you on to the carpet correctly. And a many designers are petty, so they’ll attack within the lamest ways imaginable.

If you build your individual, you take that off from them.

I would prefer to apologize with regard to not reading your whole thread title.. For reasons uknown I skipped with the word " theme" and thought you were asking if you should employ WordPress or definitely not.

I think this will depend on what your customer wants and precisely what the budget is actually. I have a few clients who thought to go with WordPress so it gives them just as much control over the content as they need or need. For one, who had a bigger budget and obvious ideas about the best way they wanted coursesmart to look, WHEN I custom-built a motif. For the alternative, with a additional limited budget, I helped them get a very reasonably listed theme, and then customized it to their business. Both were very proud of their sites, and also both sent me personally referrals.

I still want to code in WEB CODING and CSS, site by page, utilizing PHP includes to get repeating elements, but that would not work well for clients who desire to update coursesmart themselves.

Little bit, some of the themes available for WP will be so attractive in addition to flexible it’s tough to resist playing at their side. I don’t get any qualms related to using one. I recently object to someone attempting to pass it off of as original job. If I have built a website on a style – I try to say so at first.

I’ve only performed one WordPress website – that is for a customer for whom I might done a " normal" webiste and he wanted the very same layout for the second business he possessed with CMS features. I took an effective WordPress theme (one where I could truthfully understand how the code all strung together) and used up many – delighted – days learning tips on how to completely change every aspect of the design to ensure it pretty a great deal exactly mirrored my personal original website.

My conclusion – if you put the energy in, you do not have to stick at changing the colours of an pre-set theme.

Im gonna be working away at a large site, and I posess zero experience with content management systems. The site is good for a festival and it will have to be up dated daily. Is their a better way I can redesign or some one else can potentially and quickly update a bit of the internet site without updating the full page Can you are doing what im referring to in wordpress but with my own , personal design.


WordPress can manage fairly large web sites – but through my research I have found that it can be generally accepted that although it can handle substantial amounts of, how many it can tackle is somewhat a smaller amount, although still properly up there. I do not own any personal encounter with WP sites with a couple dozen internet pages, but I know there are very successful ones with many hundreds pages.

The main issue that has a really big site is the fact that it’s not always no problem finding and edit webpages or posts, parallel the Pages+ plugin.

How big exactly is this site going to get, and what will need changing/updating I imagine these two things could be the ultimate ‘decider’ of if or not to use WP.

They need 15 pages, Which have been:








WHEN I reckon its gonna be constantly up-to-date, The current possessing page is world wide web. worldremix. org they usually gave me the rough design notion on www. worldremix. org/dublin

Yikes! That is certainly ugly. I realize design is just about all very subjective but – yikes!

Thus, I think you can actually easily use WP because base for a website like this.

The good news is theme called Arthemia – affordable and quite versatile, and while quite colourful, it is also clean and interesting. I think they have enough elements to assist you to include all this stuff they want on the website by putting it into your sections and sidebar and a main nav menus. One of one other members here provides used it really good-looking site, I’d advise that you go look.


I would just go with a full fledged cms like drupal, fusion, or such.

As well, My God that is definitely UGLY! LOL If that is definitely what they really want.

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