Traffics From Yahoo, Google And New Bing

Traffics Coming from Yahoo, Google And Different Bing


From where that you’re getting additional traffics for the site

For me we are getting about 80% traffics out of Google plus and staying 20% out of yahoo and also other search powerplant.

Sorry but i did not health care till right now for traffics through bing or perhaps live.

What about your webblog traffics

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For my home, 70+% site visitors is through Google, 14+% emanates from yahoo, and about 3% traffic emanates from Bing.

I’ve observed about 80% coming from Google is virtually the tradition.

mostly coming from Google…it truly is all that will matters…hmm..Bing

80% coming from google….

Im obtaining 57% coming from Google.


For my home too yahoo and google give about greater than 80% traffics.As well as other all SEs no problem us concerning 20%.


Like people, me too rely on google for some of my traffic, dont know the complete percentage but it will be i guess near to 75 percent or maybe 80 percentage.

75% frm google

I own started to find out traffic coming from Bing lately but nonetheless majority (80%) with my visitors come via Google =)

Like some others, google is my principal traffic supply and my spouse and i get nearly 75% with my per month traffic via google.

For my home too 80% through google….

Traffic sources

For the busiest web-site almost 80 percent is Search engines and 15 percent Bing as well as the rest Askjeeve.

I perform get quite a bit of traffic on the search engines..

I discovered 88% coming from Google.

Depends by way of site.We’ve a webpage with 80% website visitors from Yahoo for example (the internet site was penalised simply by google).I make sure the askjeeve algorithm is actually almost the same with bing algorithm.

It’s although these google are inside same boat today

Mine:60% coming from Google, 30% coming from Bing as well as 10% via Yahoo.

mostly ough get through google, then yahoo after which it bing

About 70% coming from Google along with the remaining 30% will be split somewhere between Yahoo along with Bing.I also observed that Msn has improved upon in indexing web pages now, when compared to when ?t had been Live.

Mostly, I get my personal traffic coming from Google..Then a mix from Digg and Bing.

40% research engines
50% refering sites
10% immediate traffic

You can’t have 80% Search engines unless the backlinks are just for SEO motives and don’t bring
Traffic.In fact, this line says nothing at all about SE(O), when you’ve got 10 visitors every thirty days and 6 via
Google it really is still 80%.

For our site 60% traffic emanates from Google in addition to 20% from yahoo & Msn and left over from people search engines

%90 search engines %10 alternative.

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