Transfering forum data

I am just just wondering in the event anyone has experienced experience with transfering community forum data to an additional server…

I’ve never function a forum before and would choose to know how hard it is to transfer your phpBB based board to another node.

(I currently are deprived of the board, but want to start it soon)

Thanks for almost any help,
Li Brad

It’s easy usually. There’s generally a good export option inside the board’s CP of which exports the db files. Then you simply transfer the data files (re-do permissions, etc) around the new server, go into phpmyadmin and upload the. sql file it exports. nevertheless… if the. sql is rather large, sometimes it’s important to upload it to the server and after that telnet in plus restore it doing this (usually a support ticket into the host to accomplish this).

Wonderful, just what We were hoping, thanks Brak.

Li Brad

With phpBB this mysql tables for virtually every mods that you can add won’t be supported automatically. You will have to manualyl add these towards backup using the textbox within the backup admin internet page.

Good to know, thanks mossoi. We are in fact adding mods so this may come in very useful.

Li Brad

Just to let’s you know Li Brad, I just lately did this with a phpBB board that I was designing for a pal on my home PC on the webspace, and it seemed to go across quite seemlessly, once I have updated all the links and had to re-upload many of the files it all appeared to work easily.

Well thanks justlivyalife, I ought to ask for even more info about this whenever we go to transfer, but for right now I’m good.

Li Brad.

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