Typekit not working on WordPress.org site

We have a typekit account, picked out the particular fonts, placed the particular embed code, additional the selectors, and still nothing is showing up. Does typekit not talk with WordPress. org Anyone know I’d like to get it working with not a plugin, if feasible.

Just in the event that anyone is questioning, I stuck the particular embed code in the correct place, once the " head" tag in my header. php report.

< head>
< script type=" text/javascript" src=" http: //use. typekit. com/adq1mqg. js" > < /script>
< script type=" text/javascript" > tryTypekit. load(); catch(e)< /script>
< meta charset=" < php bloginfo( 'charset' ); > " />
< title> < php..... 

Do you mean nothing is participating, as in your current fonts,
or nothing is showing up… like a blank white filter (totally blank)

A totally clear white screen tells me you have a PHP scripting error
plus your error reporting is not power on, so you don’t reach see what
that error is. You can turn that with via your hosting company control panel,
or maybe using. htaccess, or maybe using some PHP scripting:

// Report all errors except E_NOTICE
// The default value proceed php. ini
error_reporting(E_ALL E_NOTICE);


I meant none in the fonts are showing up.

I’ve under no circumstances used typekit, so I’m out.
I just thought maybe you’d another PHP script problem.


Not a chance, I found out it turned out simply a lag. Took most a day prior to the fonts appeared. At any rate, I’ve scrapped the Typekit idea Now i am experimenting now with the font-family selector.

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