un-written rule? Images under a vertical menu?

Hi everyone.

Now i’m a wannabee web-designer. I improve a template structured design company. I have no training in addition to what i include picked up over time.

I have a question associated with " The RIGHT strategy to design a website"

Here at work we all get many opinions within the do’s and you should not s.
I sooo want to get some professional advice merely may.

Picture if you could a simple template layout.
a) Major, header with a logo.
b) Quit side, a " VERTICAL" column together with navigation menu.
c) Under the header so to the right on the menu we have the main Body textual content area.
d) footer with the base of the website.

Considering the above template layout planned, we often end up with around 5 hyperlinks to 5 pages while in the navigation column.
Often this creates lots of empty space while in the navigation menu area.
If there’s a lot of content in one’s body area of the site it may be necessary to scroll lower, increasing the empty area under the actual navigation.

Lots of designers here plan to add images having 1 px boarders towards navigation area to remove a few of the unused space.

I do think this is UNAPPEALING very Unprofessional to try and do.
I really believe it is FINE to leave this particular area blank. It looks cleaner plus much more professional.
Can there be an unwritten tip on this

Thanks for any assistance


Some designers use which space for product/service advert to alleviate this white space. Another tactic could be to add targeted central links relevant to the current content. Some designers however, eliminate that column and consumer a horizontal direction-finding directly below this header instead.

I’d personally look at it by doing this, get a few opinions within the extra space. If it’s a lot of, but you absolutely must have the left routing, then add some thing to it. But if your template supports, or you be capable of, use a horizontal navigation. If can be seen your site devoid of that nav to the left, do away with it and go horizontal.

Here’s an posting on whitespace POST found interesting last week ago: http: //webdesigntuts. com/web-design/using-white-space-effectively-in-web-design/

Include contact information or maybe quick information capture form (name, e-mail, interest in the company). The space will serve a lot better purpose that means, because beneath the nav is usually a highly visible identify – great for a proactive approach!

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