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Greetings, everybody.
I am some sort of part-time (retired along with very part-time) designer with a couple of websites running with regard to clients in simple html.
On my PC, however , not any others, the favicon as happen to be overwritten by " Ask" the search engine icon. I am jogging Internet Explorer EIGHT on Windows SEVERAL Ultimate and I am pretty sure the problem lies with your browser. I have tested the server plus its not there.
Can anyone help me to correct this phenomenon
TIA for virtually every input.
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Sounds like malware or some browser plug-in that was clicked-on.

Kind of like putting that Yahoo or Yahoo search bars on IE, but obtainable, it was " Ask".

Unclear of the solution, but running a few spyware/adware software could find it.
In all probability a harmless cell phone browser " helper" that will got installed.

MY SPOUSE AND I agree. Although POST doubt it’s malware. I’m very well protected in that , area…. Getting rid of it is what I am really looking with regard to. I have placed in Microsoft’s IE community but here’s no reply yet. Cover post the slution right here, if I obtain one.

I also searched Google for your… but nothing determined.
Extremely strange indeed…. interesting to view if you discover a solution.

Pondered a brainwave and posted in the Microsoft IE discussion board. " Clear that Temp files and History… " returned. I feel a genuine dummy. How I overlooked the obvious is usually beyond me but Used to do. All is back to normal.
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I imagine the dummy is definitely Microsoft IE.

Ended up being gonna say… it’s probably a cache concern. I’ve had that problem several times a day with favicons getting confused in my personal browser. I essentially once had this WDF favicon pertaining to Facebook. com in the bookmarks for about per year before clearing this out.: -D

Effectively, knowing how in order to clear them out is another thing. I would plan to know how they are able to get there, uninvited, in the first place!
: ermm:

My guess is that it’s a cell phone bug. Favicons are cached content, as well as since they’re all usually named favicon. ico, there’s a higher degree of chance of your browser caching the favicon in the wrong site by accident, e. g. smoking browser back or perhaps other functions that may take you through one site to another. If the browser incorporates a bug that confuses it the slightest bit, it may lead to the favicon misinterpretation. Since browser cache is usually pretty aggressive with favicons (in this experience), it’s likely never to check for a different one for a very long time, if ever.

Just another cross we ‘plebs’ must bear.
Most effective wishes,
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