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Without doubt guys,

I’ve recently began making webpages for individuals and I’ve come across a general request from some people.

A lot of people I talk to want to update certain things themselves; such as incorporating or updating photos and/or using a message of a single day box where they could update just a smallish portion of text to the day.

I recently ordered an iMac and want to use iWeb to set-up the webpages however I’m having trouble understanding how or even if it’s possibly possible to combine what they’re attempting to do using iWeb.

I am aware some people work with WordPress but, personally, I feel prefer that takes away in the whole " MY SPOUSE AND I created a web site for you" kind of feeling.

I apologize if this is a really newbish form of question but Im just having trouble wrapping my mind around it. Used to do have an idea other morning but I do not know if it would work since I don’t use Flickr, Photobucker, and also Tumblr. I was wondering in the event you could embed a good html snippet the location where the photos would show up one I’m creating however the user could update them when you go to the photobucker (for example) site and updating it doing this.

Once again, thanks in enhance guys! Hoping to learn additional about this because I go coupled!

This will require expertise in a server-side programming language if you want to do it yourself if you would like build an upload script. This suggests PHP, ASP, ASP. INTERNET, or some other language as if it. Not even sure in the event that’s doable in iWeb.

Never used any of the photo upload web pages (I don’t like the idea of relinquishing control involving IP like that), therefore I can’t answer that.

I simply got done studying about CMS’s. Would you say it would just end up being easier to use one particular, pending the consumers needs

Quite possibly, although as has been shown many situations on here Im no fan involving standard CMSes. Once again, though, it is based on on what your client planned to do.

Sorry for all you questions, I’m just trying to learn to do things right before

Generally, an example of this could be that my tattoo artist mentioned that he’d like me in making him a standard website.

He wants 2 specific things about this site and that’s a page dedicated to his artwork / page specializing in his tattoos then a message box to the homepage where the guy can let people realize which shop (he functions at 2 owned because of the same guy) he is going to be at.

The kicker is usually he wants youngster should be update his location and be able to add / replace pictures himself.

CHANGE: Thank you regarding replying too.

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