Using a "more" hyperlink within text, to allow user to see additional text

2 paragraph is excessively to include upon one page, your " more" link is furnished allowing the reader to determine the text that is missing. If a brand new page is presented, should the entire text from the paragraph appear, or only the particular text that didn’t fit around the previous page We are testing a website that’s not including the beginning component to the paragraph, just the continuation connected with text. This is just poor design. Would it be

The entire text from the paragraph should appear. That way, should a user land around the full-text page via search or similar to that, the person doesn’t get baffled.

Along with yes, I’d say that’s very terrible design.


The objective of the content is always to draw the visitor into reading… throwing them for the loop… by not showing the beginning text… and then ready them to read portion of the text… only to find they’ve to do a little something to start at the start… is well… just stupid ( to maintain it nice )…

Concerning seen on hardly any occasions, where the planning works better by only displaying that summary and starting paragraphs… and then obtaining the reader click that " more" link to display the remaining portion of the article if they are interested…

Depending available and content… they may want to break it upward into sections.. ( websites )…

Some make use of this as an possibility for increasing the AD impressions… simply by breaking up that content into pages.. and as the particular reader follows this content… you obtain the point.

That the content is not being published although driving ad revenues is just not the ultimate target….

There are numerous neat CSS or maybe CSS/JS scripts that enable you to display the the primary portion and solely on some viewer action ( click /hover ) is the other content displayed…

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