Using Dreamweaver MX should I upgrade?

With the last several years We’ve been using dreamweaver MX. But lately more people are asking me to style websites for these people or help preserve their sites. Will Dreamweaver CS5 benefit cross browser if it is compatible testing than MX does

My business is also getting more into using CSS now besides tables.

It really varies according to how much you recognize about HTML and also CSS, if anyone dont really realize code standards, I would recommend you upgrade.

The later variants of DreamWeaver will support code snippets plus hints more based on today’s code benchmarks (such as xHTML4 in addition to CSS3). That technique, when DreamWeaver facilitates with coding, it will be using up-to-date specifications, and not old standards which can be now becoming deprecated.

Thanks that tends to make perfect since what you said. I am so glade I did this posting our code. I am embarassed but glade. I have never made numerous errors in a small amount of code before. I should say yes I have but when just beginning learining something. But I guess CSS can be a new way to build website compared to tables.

I am actually likely to redesign this page and show you when I am finish I’m hoping you both will be a tad bit more impress this moment around. Thanks all over again

My business is still using CS4. Unless you palm code absolutely everything CS4 now CS5 writes many of the code so that you can insert FLV and SWV in todays value standards.
You still want to do little things including move you script on the bottom of ones pages.
What’s more , it comes with Browserlab which they ( adobe ) own said should remain free for the foreseeable future.. What a cross browser testing lab that’s pretty darn beneficial….

Yes, to almost everything other than Dreamweaver. There is absolutely no subsitute for learning the right way to code a site properly. Yes, it is hard, but that’s what clarifies that it’s worthwhile.

The best text editor having syntax highlighting is all it is best to ever need. Project/site managers are ideal, but they’re not necessary.

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