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Hi guys,


I recently started using web themes and am somewhat confused.

If I choose to use a template, is the template first thing I make

For instance, I made the homepage and referred to as it index. html document. I then preserved that index. html as being a template. Should I not have saved it being an index. html and simply just saved it as being a template to start with

Cause the challenge I’m running into now is must i update my index. html file or must i update my template Of course , if I do up-date my template, can that update this index. html track or doesn’t the item, since the index. html wasn’t made with the template Im so confused. If someone could shed some light on this subject template thingy with luck that would end up being great. Thanks.: -/


I’m guessing you’re discussing Dreamweaver

Avoid. Sorry. I needs to have mentioned that. Definitely discussing Dreamweaver. Any suggestions


There may be one thing just before I answer your question. Have you defined your website This will make sure that links will receive changed sitewide when you change them later on in life. Basically you produce a new site through within DW, and it also will ask you things know about name it, when to store that, ftp info and anything else. You can bypass lots of that to begin quickly then key in that info after.

Anyway, what I accomplish is, once an affiliate site folder is designed and automatically opened in your case, without any websites (files),

1) produce a new blank file, name it what ever you want
2) wide open it up
3) head to the file palate, click " help you save as template", identify it " template". DW will produce a folder for templates (yes you will get more than one)
4) Go ahead the templates folder and throw open the template you recently saved as
5) Style and design your common features, such as header, routing, content area, and also footer, save because you go.
6) Today create another brand new file and help you save that as catalog. html
7) Got a chance to the " modify" menu, go to " templates", push " apply web template to page"

Now whenever you need to change something such as navigation, do it from your template and while you save it will ask you update related documents, say yes, and it also will change on all pages that are fitted with that template put on it.

You will probably need to put editable regions for your template so you can put content inside your pages, otherwise are going to locked.

It is cs3 version btw.

Hi aeroweb99,

For you to answer your question, yes I’ve defined your website. I did that with the very beginning.

In regards to the templates and index. html. I thought it out really. But thank an individual for sending a real prompt reply.

The challenge that I’m jogging into now, will be the navigation bar. I recently wrote a new thread to sort it out and saw that you simply replied to this asking me merely had read your reply to the present thread. I hadn’t examine this reply ahead of I wrote the particular one no.

Although anyways, I deleted the main index. html that is at the site I defined as well as in the file about my computer then created a new one from your template.

Once i view the new index. html by preview in cell phone. The navigation bar works perfectly. But once i update the structure to my site after which access my site by inputing it inside browser it does not work properly.

It’s me royally aggravated. Any ideas With thanks.


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