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What do you feel about a web design & development studio whenever they use someone else’s theme has been bought online
example. I have an online design studio, and my web page is using template that is bought on themeforest

I recently got into this with someone about another forum about this. Pretty heated talk.

IMHO, we should provide original work to our clientele. More than in which, if you can not be bothered to perhaps personally design your own site, what should that say in relation to your client work

A number of people will say, " we won’t know the actual difference". My answer fot it is you, and it should bother you you are presenting someone else’s work as your.

I really could go on forever about this, but those would be the Cliff Notes.

I have two design sites and two website sites. For one of many design sites, it is hand-coded using quite a few jQuery and PHP. For the other, I’ve done an compromise – WHEN I use hand-coded pages for my website, again with jQuey along with PHP, and have added in a WP blog we matched to the styling with the site. The two blog sites are generally straight out WP, one with a free theme your decide one with my private theme.

I do imagine that hand-coding your site is the way to go, and for me personally, since I need a completely bilingual site it absolutely was a necessity. I really can’t take some time to hand-code the blog CMS, especially when WP is actually right there in addition to perfect for what We need as part of my site.

Thus, I am at present toying with creating my theme based on one of many frameworks and possibly re-doing coursesmart that way.
So I speculate my position are these claims: If you are going to use WP to be a basis for a niche site selling design expertise, representing someone else’s work as your special is not right, especially since that client’s perception of the skills and determination to hire you will end up based in large part on your own site as your representation of what you need to offer.

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