Very odd and specific question for WordPress!

I want to make it so that at my WordPress-based web-site HardwareInsights. com, you will find there’s little thing at the end where people can put in place their email to acquire an update if a new review/article is posted. Is right now there a plugin intended for that
Many thanks!

I have not looked lately, but I am certain there are mailing list plugins out at this time there. Make sure it’s double opt with.

What is definitely double opt inside

It means people need to perform a couple operations so that they can join, for example key in their email handle, then maybe that they get an mail, and they ought to click a url to verify. Also make sure you will find there’s clear and easy way if anyone is to unsubscribe.

Um… OK So I’ll just look for mailing list plugins for Squidoo… thanks!

Im short in time right now, another should get inside here and convey to the kid where im based on! LOL

Good, I found you plugin that appeared as if it would perform and i installed it and yes it gave me a lot of 404s because it absolutely was meant for an older version of Squidoo. I think I’ll quit the mailing list thing at the moment.
Thankyou for wanting to help though!

Might also, mailing lists usually are so 90’s, they are very effective if executed properly, but it is rather hard to execute them perfectly.

You might achieve a similar result by having people follow anyone on twitter and also Facebook, and keep people today informed on new posts doing this.

Why not merely go with an Rss, – then new content would be pushed to clients.
http: //wordpress. org/extend/plugins/feed-key/

Thats even better, thanks MA.

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