Video display? Youtube alternative?

Hello there,

I got wondering if any one had experience by using on-site video players.

I’m sure that displaying video tutorials via Youtube add is fast, easy, and comes mounted with options. Best of all, people don’t should mess around in addition to install plugins/codecs… all they are required if Flash.

Nevertheless, I need something which can be hosted on-site. Additionally, I plan to make some content accessible only to associates.

I don’t want to just have some people’s browsers automatically heap a windows marketing player plugin simply by default. It appears horrible and WHEN I ve always hated websites that managed this.

Does anyone know a superb method


FlowPlayer is usually my favorite one particular:
http: //flowplayer. org/demos/

VideoJS is not bad. It’s HTML5 based and features a flash fallback.

Flowplayer is usually nice, but it is only for. flv pen files… I think

VideoJS is usually interesting. I havent’ studied html5 in any respect (shame on me), however it seems the < video> tag have not only browser limitations, but also report format limitations. They may be. mp4 and. ogg usually are favored, but also those aren’t 100%. I’ll ought to read more with this, because I need to ensure that it’ll do the job 100% for contemporary browsers.

Thanks guys.

Basically, it seems html5 video compatibility can be quite, very varied, when using the major browsers unable to agree upon common formats reinforced. Argh…

Would it you have to be a better idea to save all files in order to. flv and try a regular flash player The key thing is child stroller.


Sure, I would only use Youtube. But when you care about coursesmart and want superior rankings in Google and other search engines it better to obtain video self-hosting and name appropriately

While said before, VideoJS does possess a flash fallback. If you can’t want to help to make multiple video forms, it would end up being just easier to go with youtube and also vimeo.

Definitely go for VideoJS – There seemed to be an article concerning this in the most up-to-date. net magazine actually where I think they compared FlowPlayer having VideoJS and guarantees recommended VideoJS as it does it just about all basically, it does it actually! There are many benefits with that someone can restyle every portion in the player using CSS. Personal computer is an. mp4 really understanding that will have that flash fallback from that.

Here are a couple good websites to see.
http: //www. netmagazine. com/features/top-five-cross-platform-video-players
http: //praegnanz. de/html5video/

The one thing about Youtube is that you have an opportunity of unlisting a person’s videos. In various other words, only folks that know the URL to your video can watch it. So you have those videos obtainable to members only.

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