virus on web server

my system is infected by germs. i have current my site more often than not from it and now i feel that there exists virus on our site. how to find such viruses & what forms of viruses be right now there. what harms we may face and which are the tools to come across these viruses.
thnx guys: –

You’ve your own machine… is that correct
And if so, is the item UNIX or Glass windows based

yes relating to my own unix dependent server

Check the way to obtain your web websites. If there’s a virus on your own server, it will ever try to propagate by way of altering your html.

i have got 17-18 pages. therefore, should i verify all
virtually any hint! how i acknowledge it coz i havn’t experiened it older models

HijackThis would be a good program to perform and then you possibly can post your logfile on-line for others to diagnose in case you are unsure yourself.

HijackThis is a Windows program and he has a Unix node.

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