We have a project concept, But i kinda need assist in see if it can be even possible. I want to secure a VPS and therefore run some programs personally. Then use a GUI to overpower it.

But can we really access and command the VPS on the website So plainly have a consumer then can log in one particular then access there vps program so they really dont have to download everything to run the program to the vps

if anyone may also help me out, I’ll really appreciate this.

All will depend on the programs plus the level of OS IN THIS HANDSET interaction you’re discussing.

Ib executed this with quite a few programming of accounts, etc. That needed certain levels of accessibility not normally obtainable in a shared natural environment, but I created some classes that truly can be accessed from a protected web web site.

If you’re wanting to hand them over some remote having access to the actual vps I’m unsure how… But if you’re using citrix to reach he vps, yes they want a web based client, but it will still require a on one occasion client download in addition to install.

It all is determined by what you’re using and what you would like them to access.

Are you thinking of a PHP script
In addition to, as mentioned just before, what is the client running, or accessing

Usually, AJAX.. a mix of PHP/Javascripting (maybe JQuery and also MySQL),
all interact to create the interactive UI. And HTML5 will really put
elements together.

I believe we need much more info about your job.

I want and therefore use a VPS as a computer to retailer extra data. Then have it besides having to acquire a VNC viewer to view the VPS you should use the VNC Person that is one particular. so a over the internet VNC. I think i can have the ability to do this by using java

I want to utilize a windows established vps then have the ability to run (a application on the vps) one particular, instead of somebody having to download all of the programs to access the vps these folks selfs.

alter: I want and therefore use the vnc viewer to run a application that is definitely installed on your VPS. like a bot for just a game.

Using VNC you might have no control of what the person can and can’t do within the machine.

If it’s jar something like turning on along with off a grinding bot, that can possibly be done with asp, just setup a web service, protect the pages which has a user account, give that identical account the privileges to first start up and off this app.

You will discover tutorials on how you can execute command range utilities on classicasp. com

To clarify, vnc only provides 1 admin account associated with it, I guess you can setup a user account with all the appropriate privileges, have them accessibility the server with the vnc account, then login with their user account.

I’m just cautious with giving anyone admission to resources they do not understand the impact with.

I consider you, Im not sure how VPS will work with this bot and the best way users will work with it just yet.

So because of this to work i will need asp Let’s say i wanted a gui to ensure the person can change the bot on and even and like " goals" towards bot app

I dont want them and therefore do anything about the server, I only want them and therefore use the app that may be ran on the vnc. nothing else

alter: To view the vps we would like a vnc perspective that would please let me run the app If you are cant i try a web based vnc, and using coffee run it over a website

I forget exactly what version ov vnc is known for a java web purchaser, sure it is usually tied in… Only run he consumer in an iFrame.

If the program you choose them to have can be run from the comman line " DOS", then you definately can write a fairly easy ON/Off, output that will screen GUI with ASP.

not acquainted with any BOTS therefore just bot sure with that… But if you employ vnc, they have a lot more access to sever options than just running that particular program.

If you’re using windows node 2003 or superior, RDP " remote computer repair desktop protocol" can be run as an internet client, and applying local policies, you can restrict users to their access.

Many thanks, That should support me out a lot. Im going to look into the IFrame and also RDP. and see what i construct.

I tried to own vnc on the test website of excavation but java wont work for some reason just yet.

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