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I have a question regarding a web site application redesign with regard to my
corporation. Currently we are running a web business and have over
1000 clients currently inside our system. Those clients may have one or
more of different products from your services we present.

At the moment, the site is definitely fine. We could add new merchandise and retrieve the
information we need so that you can interconnect data along with still be
independent product in framework and design.

However, it has been decided the database structure is too much
inter-wined and qualifing for the data is possibly not right. So, by my
comprehending, a good solid fix should be to split out the actual tables from within
a single database and place it in split databases. That way everything is
throughout its place and any newly extra product is without difficulty connected or not
and using what ever shared data that it needs.

What I have discovered based on another person’s decision (I was a
programmer just as this other individual’s position is) and this also other
person who may have been employed along at the company before me personally decided that not
only we need to restructure the database but redesign all.

Fine, we can renovate the interface plus change certain components of
the site’s method of getting data. That is definitely ok with us, but this is definitely what
this particular person decided. This particular person redesigned every little thing on paper
without my opinions and thought he would change everything. The particular database
shape, name of conference tables, name of fields, the password composition, the
way the entire application and its various products will interact with
the two of you.

Is this proper Is this a smart way of approaching the problem My fear
when it is redone from scratch basically, getting the actual data
of our existing users moved into the newly restructured, renamed, re-
made technique are just insane.

P. VERTS. We are a compact company trying to cultivate from what many of us currently
picked up and slowly improve depending on customer need. As well, we don’t
have got a software manager but only company masters who don’t know
anything about software design but just want the best end result and also a
sound customer base.

It can be a good way to approach the trouble. I’ve had to undertake that in one or two cases myself.

It is not a universal resolution, though, and it’s usually a last resort. Basically, you only do this if your site is failing technically and/or certainly not satisfying user requires.

The site is usually running fine nevertheless has features that we was told is not fixed. So as opposed to enhancing the characteristics or improving usability, we have been stripping everything beginning scratch down to help redesigning the databases and changing many of the table names, fields and entire framework.

I do think about 1000 purchasers and growing is not bad right and will be satisfied especially cuz our company produces software to get a specific small market

That doesn’t make sense in my experience. If they’re includes, why would they have to be fixed

Because some features (I have no idea of every single just one because I did not design this from scratch) are available but don’t do the job. (the end user ends up calling us once they try to employ them, but can’t) Nevertheless, instead of fixing them, I get the reply back, " they can’t be fixed. "

Believe me there is absolutely no logic in this situation.

Also, I believe an individual. They’re probably things that is fixed, but someone just simply hasn’t taken some time to figure this out yet.

But this can be starting to sound progressively more like the form of thing I often disappear from… a job that just can not be done because at the very least part of the mess emanates from the team of people you have to work with.

i can’t guide but think maybe most of the logic is enough time it would choose to adopt reverse engineer an original platform so that you don’t screw the pooch and nearby yourself outweighs the time it would decide to use do it from your ground up. need to admit when buying a remodel project post never reuse the main code. i gather your data that will often be reused so it isn’t really lost then assemble from that. i will put a script together much faster then i might understand poorly composed cheese.

Normally I’d be to you, Dorky… but they’re also discussing redoing the complete database. That’s a new recipe for accident right there. You begin screwing around having table structures and things like that with A SINGLE, 000 client information and probably thousands related records within different tables, something’s bound to get lost or perhaps damaged. Yeah, you are able to back that stuff up prior to go reorganizing all of the tables, but do you nasty, nasty little business.

Program code, yes. DB, preserve if you can ,.

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