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I want to give my personal website a facial rejuvenation! I used Frontpage & it now looks expired & not specialized enough.
Can anyone recommend an excellent web building software which i can use It doesn’t end up being free, but I would like a trial so We can see if We can use it & in the event it’s good just before I buy this.

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It is advisable to find a free of charge CSS/XHTML template then customize it oneself,
employing Notepad (or Notepad++)… fundamentally, doing all of the coding by side.

Any web page software you make use of, especially if it’s actually a WYSIWYG type regarding editor,
will add so much unnecessary stuff to the coding… and it’s going to be very hard for
to later add a number of dynamic content.

In the event you insist on a editor, Dreamweaver is actually popular.

This is what I mean by simply free templates:
http: //www. freecsstemplates. org/

You download each one of their files, upload them for a site, and in that case hand-code
all changes towards CSS stylesheets, HTML PAGE, and images.

Also, give us a chek out your existing site.


Visible Web Developer Convey. It’s free, it’s syntax highlighting, and I believe it has some sort of WYSIWYG mode for making your life easier (although I need ideas of because I’ve certainly not used it or found it… it isn’t of use in my opinion. )

Notepad++, because mlseim said, is additionally a good substitute.

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