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Greetings All,

What can you look for from a web design gallery or perhaps inspiration gallery
Do you like quick ability to be able to just look or do you like to interact and vote

Relating to a gallery along with am just seeking ideas to continue it fresh.


Have never used such a gallery but would certainly guess major thing should be to sort into beneficial categories – eg sort of business and/or kind of design.

Maybe also let users to recommend good website of their own – would need approval to counteract spam

Is dependent upon the nature with the website… did you do have a specific use as their intended purpose

Interaction is obviously a plus. And it will help to decide the most popular designs. You needs a team of high qualified authorities to encourage improved quality votes and reviews.

You may need a team to manage spam, of lessons. Delete all junk e-mail, and the activity of the site will boost.

Since this is a web design gallery, it could possibly serve both as a possible inspiration to web site designers, and an incentive to exhibit off their competencies.

I’m interested in your project and want to get involved if you’re interested. I have enough ideas.

Can you give us a link to the website

I often take care of the structure.
Then i continue the effects, and placin from the effects.

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