Web design is getting boring to me

Thus, I’ve been designing webpages for 3 a long time and I’m 16 now.. that’s something I’m great at but, there may be a problem, I are deprived of any projects, I don’t know the direction to go, and I likewise can’t find a few cool blog where Allow me to post articles for example.. I would start my own blog, but Concerning no profits possibly because nobody would like to hire me..
Would you guys have some advices for me that will help to make web designing for me interesting again

I are deprived of credit card it is impossible personally to earn cash via internet..

Develop templates, good versions, and go to help envato marketplace (envato. com). (Owners of Tuts+, and another + networks. ) Along with sell the themes. They go regarding reasonable prices, in the event that its a ok one, maybe 6$ (they set the value for it) So you get 3 buyers thirty days, and you can afford web hosting space and a domain name. Their too easy. Likewise google around regarding P2H sites, this really is Post2Host sites, which can be a forum for you to post on, and get web hosting. You receive a subdomain, but for 10$ you can aquire your own, tomorrow is an issue where you can aquire one for 30% off on godaddy. com. You’ll receive recognition and cash to host your own stuff. Write some well crafted articles about the right way to do stuff, or even create a few tutorials and also you can sell them on there too. It has a number of sections where you possibly can sell things within, and try and create a bundle off it. When you write well plenty of, you can make an attempt to become a wedding guest writer for Tuts+ plus I know you’ll get hosting packages with MediaTemple (a top notch host). And different stuff including income.

There is enough things which can be done, I am possibly not saying anything of one’s skill level just how ever high or even low it might be, but if it truly is good and you are aware of what you’re performing, this type of work is amazing, they also possess a freelance website via envato called freelancer, and you will find jobs on there. Sorry if this is out of your skill set or skill, but work to that.

Best of luck bro.

I’m sorry just read ones post, go to help local stores, and bring your own laptop and suggest to them what you can do, look at presently there current website, and make a better one. Determine if they really enjoy it, if so, advertise it to these individuals. Or have your local portfolio internet site, that you might show to shops, and get work. Finish the work in the timely and qualified manner, thus having a name for your self, you will find others visiting hire you. Tell your parents what one does and keep them informed of what you do. Show them what you’re making, because guarantees if you let them know that you usually are not sitting around do nothing, but instead would like to work for your dollars they will assist you to. And maybe might setup a joint banking accounts, also Paypal enables you to create an account and get money onto the item, you wont really need to transfer more then 50-60$ a month for web hosting/domain/anything else you need. So a simple account without bank account isn’t a challenge. This will help you receive payment, and allow you to buy things.

online world. odesk. com < — don’t need a charge card. Just a PayPal consideration. And if you have a bank account, you possibly can deposit to it from PayPal (I think they actually US deposits as well).

Very little affiliate links. Very little BS. No " Cherished sir, here’s a spammy bit of crap, the ending. " You’re welcome.

You love odesk not Just kidding, We’ve never used that, but both are good to test, http: //envato. com just isn’t a one end source, and I do not think you can merely sell your ornament on there. Which means you could look around at others, nevertheless envato is really rated, and won’t screw you more than.

TheGAME, I will need to look at odesk, as I have been slightly bored and still have just been moving out random website pages trying new issues (my Sites folder has tripled inside a week).

Along with by only advertise your trinkets upon there, i mean you can sell your web themes, images, logos, movie templates, tutorials in additional places (I’d ought to look back in to it though, i’m unsure if it was this page or another one who said you might sell in other places and didn’t strictly should sell with them). Best of luck.

Yeah, I am just a fan. You will find aspects of it I at ease with (not the least which is that they go down for maintenance a little too often), nevertheless overall, it’s an alternative way to get clients Once you learn what you’re accomplishing.

That is why I’d suggest going by Envato for your ex, at a younger age dealing with people a lot older is often hard, and your daunting task. So I’d suggest for him to create templates and market them on Envato Market place, as they not just do templates but, scripts, tutorials, trademarks, and many other pursuits. And can end up being sold for 5-40$, and also you make 75% of it. So if he or she wants hosting and also to make some rapid cash, its quite do able.

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