Web Design Issue

Hello there all, I’m still really new to web development and learning day to day! Love it.

I’m handling a client in updating there internet site and I can’t figure this available.

When you check out.

AesthetiMED – Dr. Jerry Horton, MD Winter season Park, Florida

You will see when you scroll over images that are fitted with links or visit them, this gray bar appears… they really want that off…

Can’t learn how to do that.
In the event that someone can, remember to do respond….


Could certainly not see what seemed to be causing the grey bars, but your web blog does not suit a 1024×768 monitor, you need to generate it smaller or you may have the majority involving users scrolling quit to right

My first inkling is the gimmicks. Chuck the javascript. If needed (it isn’t) get it done with CSS.

thanks… will try in which!

The logo is off the to the kept side. The site looks good while. Use a favicon. ico. Details are very important.

Best of luck!

I think that the mouseover function has become used in coding and it usually is the problem of these…

Look in the particular file named as well as check lines 4 and / or 14 – notice a grey color indicated for that hover.

Inside the file called personalized. css in range 14 as below – get the background colour – that will fix the grey bars

. stacks_in your: hover, a: dynamic
; < =take this kind of out
coloration: #000000;
underlay: 10px 20px 10px 10px;
text-decoration: not one;

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